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Wednesday 24th April 2019

Shame on you. Shame on you. Shouted at visitors.

Approaching the entrance, a card in your pocket. This is your ticket and it says Community Leader. Shame. Blowing whistles, banging drums. Among their number, a three-piece band, a man with a GoPro on his forehead. Smile, one shrieks. flash They stream video, tweet images of your arrival. Security—This way, keep moving. Crowd barriers separate [..more..]

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i. #savethecass #savethecoronet #savethecurzon

Culture and London, as relationships go, I would say the signals are clear: HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. The endless crises – the Black Cap, Madame Jojo’s, Candy Bar, all gone, studios through Bermondsey, Deptford, Bethnal Green make way for luxury living, Crossrail demolishes every music venue in its path (those it misses surely [..more..]

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David G. Lees has gone.

It’s a dereliction of duty, no doubt. His duty being me. Us. To sing, dance, act in our performances, that’s all I ever asked. That, and to ’Gram, strip, cook, commit to countless hours of rehearsal along the way. Evidently, yes, eventually this was too much to ask. And so, as he takes that final, [..more..]

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Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Thank You

When the reality sinks in, And we are done. Thank you for being in my life once, And thank you for being in my dream. You've got your simple life in the daylight, And I've got my deep thoughts in the dark. Yeah, I said you weren't the ideal friend, And you never respond. You [..more..]

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The day I became the most fun loving person of the group.

Since childhood I have been a fun person, always smiling, always making jokes, sometimes bullying my friends in a kiddish way. Everyone loves being around me and I love being surrounded by my friends. I did my primary school, high school and college in different cities, currently I am working in a different city, so [..more..]

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i dont know what to do. i get jealous about everyone around him, i really want him to like me back, but i cant even talk to him properly. i dont know why am always anxious, am feeling so insecure, like one message will blow off our friendship? no, but my negative thoughts hunt me [..more..]

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Monday 22nd April 2019


How do I stop falling for so many guys

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I think I'm falling in love

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Sunday 21st April 2019

That Starry Night

Why has it become so hard for us to work? Why have the puzzle pieces that used to fit so perfectly become jagged and changed so that they no longer match. Why is it that the feeling of butterflies in my stomach have become a thing of nostalgia? A bittersweet pain that takes me back [..more..]

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a butterfly

You said to me that I should know that you have feelings for me. I said I don’t understand why? I am not worthy of someone as intelligent and as beautiful as you. You said you didn’t understand why I would say that. I said you would never understand. My mind always thought it would [..more..]

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