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Sunday 22nd October 2017

My Mini Love Story, Fall2017

I met him about two months ago on my way home alone, from a party of obnoxious Americans watching football. I was annoyed that I was there when I am studying abroad in France to study French. So when a relatively attractive guy approached me in French, I followed him stupidly. He tells me I'm [..more..]

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Saturday 21st October 2017

The situation i am facing

Hope some indian students are here…I need help.. I am engineering dropout..i passed 12th in 2014. I am seeking urgent advice..I joined in 2016..I had passed 12th but in engenering 1st year in 2017 i could not attend my exams. i failed to clear all papers..10 back papers..I dropped out in july 2017 .Now i [..more..]

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Just writing my feelings

Everyone always says how much they love their family and how much they mean to them. How they will do anything for them and how they are their biggest supporter. I also love my family but I also feel like it’s because I have to. These people share DNA with me and because of that [..more..]

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My realisation

Over the past few days I’ve been doing some thinking. I’ve always been somewhat of a thinker, whether it be about something trivial like remembering some silly things I’ve done or seen, or something a little deeper like what we’re all here for. What’s been on my mind lately though is a lot more specific [..more..]

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She has a boyfriend……..

……….Its not that she has a boyfriend its that I built a f*** ton of courage to ask her out…and right before I go to ask her out I get the news from a buddy of mine…….I just move on hu?? Oh it's easy isn't it??? Years bro…….years I've been lookin.

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I’m dumb found….

"Do you like pumpkin…..or pumpkin spice lattes?"…………… What kind of question is that????? This girl just entered the retard zone she's infected RRUUNNN!! Its the same as somebody asking you "do you like apples…..or apple seeds?". Ok so if I choose pumpkin spice latte in that questi F*** it this question is too stupidbye.

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Friday 20th October 2017

take care of your head

it must be really easy to sit there and judge what you failed to understand. it must be easy to hate, condemn, you worked so hard for it. though it never crosses your mind that it was you who pushed it all away. did i have a hand in it, sure. though i don't disrespect [..more..]

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Bagus admnin. Mula-mula posting di wall mengenai Pak Menteri Bikin Bisnes Lupa Diri. Kemudian posting pula di wall mengenai Jangan Sombong Dengan Kekayaan Yang Bersifat Sementara. Bagus admin. Bagus. Teruskan, Perbanyakkan lagi…

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I need love

I’m scared. I’m scared that I’m so desperate for affection that I’ll settle for the first guy that comes along, that I’ll fool myself into thinking I love him, even though I just love feeling loved. Do you know the feeling where you can’t even trust your own heart?

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