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Saturday 16th January 2021

Trains driving in the snow

As the trains pass I wonder what they're doing Where they're going what is it they're delivering. Where they friends with the little broken boats in a last life life? Wishing that it snows so I can feel calm. So I can look at the little children play from my window. So I can go [..more..]

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My thoughts

Currently 3:56 am thinking about things being a weird human being. Wondering if it is all worth it moving waiting suffering then I remember what it's for and it is worth it all. Trying not to wake my parents and get in trouble. Wondering how much sleep I'll get. Then remembering that's it's a weekend. [..more..]

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A pact

This is a pact, I’m not masturbating again for atleast until one big positive thing happens in my life (career or love)

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Hello Hey Hey orchids

Sorrowed voices squealing on greedy motorways covered in airbag transport rage plasters. Glycerine wasps squeeze out endorphins in soulless bitterness. Red chicken summer impediments on green insect semtex. Passionate paranoid plastic parasites screaming daisies on gelatine telephones. Rage anemic jackknifed confusion. Chew myself mosquito mouth in your contagious test.

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đúng là mình rất căm ghét lão hàng xóm. Nhưng mình nghĩ lão xẹt qua (xẹt mãi chưa qua) cuộc đời mình là có lý do. Khiến cho mình biết là ngoài kia còn có options nhà cửa này nọ chứ hổng phải chỉ có nhà cp và nhà condo. Rồi lão khiến cho mình [..more..]

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It’s snowing

It’s cold in this old house. The furnace stopped working. I actually don’t think we have one but there’s no hot air coming out, just a burning smell. I’m covered in clothes trying to layer them on to stay warm. I might light the barrel of garbage that I keep in my living room later [..more..]

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The unwelcoming cook

Lost in unknown territory we searched for some form of nutrients just to get by. There at last a corner restaurant invited us in with yells from a sign holder. The falling down building was sketchy but we hadn’t seen a restaurant in miles. As we walked in a rat the size of a kitten [..more..]

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I’ll never understand

I’ll never understand the internet bully. It’s like damn you’re in your thirties and you hide behind a computer screen. They don’t bother me any but to think what kind of mentality would do something this disgusting. Is you self talk all, “I’m going to show you let me put these rude messages and comments [..more..]

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Friday 15th January 2021


a lot of suckies around and now i am much calmer about it than i was before. :))) but there are still decent people la. Just now the HDB uncle was so nice and understanding. I hope he won't be troubled by my insane neighbour anymore. ya old uncle, keep reporting la, report some more! [..more..]

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Not one person is truly a mind reader. If you have a problem you need to directly confront the person you have a problem with. You shouldn’t do this in a feisty or hasty manor. Think about what you want and how to approach them. Don’t accuse someone of doing something especially if it’s a [..more..]

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