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Sunday 25th October 2020

broken promises

One thing that pisses me off more than anything is when someone says they will do something and then does not do as they stated. I understand if things come up, but calling and canceling is the one protocol everyone should fallow. Especially when you make the appointment and then have a need to break [..more..]

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Saturday 24th October 2020

Mom & Son Bond

For as long as I can remember, my mom and I have often had a weird bond over wetting. When I was little, I often had accidents. I would cry but my mom would comfort me. I remember one time I looked up from my crying to see a dark stain spread across her pants [..more..]

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Okay i hate my boss, and i hate my job. But i also don’t want to jump into another job that doesn’t give me flexibility and autonomy – which the current one, though can be hectic for 80% of the time, give me for the 20%. I’m sure there are jobs out there that can [..more..]

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Friday 23rd October 2020

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Thursday 22nd October 2020


As I sit at my PC at 3:30am I know I should be asleep. I an seeking for anything in my mind to spark and interest, a muse of the hour, to embark on one last internet search before slumber. I look forward too, but fear the wake of the new day, a dread of [..more..]

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Tuesday 20th October 2020

Yeah another one of these or them

I can’t remember a time when someone actually cared about or loved me but this person does. Here I am hurting the only person that loves and really cares about me. I’ve been so self destructive not only hurting myself now but in the long road. I don’t want to hurt them but I don’t [..more..]

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Saturday 17th October 2020

Do you Remember Covid

Back when Covid first hit the US, a lot of people started wearing mask immediately! It was not days before the media started focusing on people wearing mask and many of those famous medical studies (scientist, seemed to laugh in the faces of those wearing them and said "eeeennnhhhh! its not going to hurt but [..more..]

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Friday 16th October 2020

👁Invert your eyes Seth Armstrong and sup ya beer!

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My life

everyday I wake up and don't want to leave my bed I have a sickness in my stomach in just the thought of having to go to school and put on a game smile it's killing me slowly I come home everyday depressed and feel as if I want to self hall in the end [..more..]

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