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Thursday 16th May 2019


So about a month ago my dad left my mom for another woman, and ever since then my mom has been attached(not sure if that is the right word) to me. She gets scared whenever I leave the house and hugs for me God knows how long when I return. She's scared I'm gonna leave [..more..]

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Sunday 5th May 2019

my dad andme can not play together

I am sad because I can not play on the game/xbox with my dad because it does not work

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Monday 29th April 2019


Random Childhood Memory: Me and my aunt were eating dinner, and I accidentally let out a loud burp. I thought she would be mad, but she laughed and burped even louder. We both laughed, and then she released the loudest and longest fart I ever heard. I love her.

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Saturday 9th February 2019


My sister is ruining her kid. She's depressed, that doesn't mean she can abandon all parenting responsibilities. She's super-articulate in public, and stays in bed all of the time in private except for when she sees her boyfriend. He's a great kid, and she is screwing him up. I am so angry. She needs to [..more..]

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Wednesday 6th February 2019


When your mom tells you she loves you for the first time since you can remember, but then you remember she is currently super drunk and will be back to saying she hates you and wishing you were dead tomorrow

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Tuesday 5th February 2019

Family Bonding

Me, my brother, and my mom had a farting contest last night. My mom pooped her pants and my brother couldn't fart anymore, so I won.

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Friday 1st February 2019

Don’t Know

My stepmother divorced my dad a few months ago. Now my bio mom is dating my stepmother. I don't know how to feel about this

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Friday 18th January 2019


Its becoming a nightly thing of my mom calling me at midnight to pick her up from the bar

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Monday 14th January 2019


I hate that I'm the one who has to face the consequences of my mom's actions. She died giving birth, and since she is dead, they have to punish me instead. Growing up people use to tell me how great my mom was, but I've learned dark things about her. So my feelings for her [..more..]

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An Issue

My dad just called me and said "Your mom is depressed. Come get her." I don't mind helping my mom, my issue is that my dad wants nothing to do with her when she is depressed and basically kicks her out of the house

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