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Monday 14th January 2019


I hate that I'm the one who has to face the consequences of my mom's actions. She died giving birth, and since she is dead, they have to punish me instead. Growing up people use to tell me how great my mom was, but I've learned dark things about her. So my feelings for her [..more..]

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An Issue

My dad just called me and said "Your mom is depressed. Come get her." I don't mind helping my mom, my issue is that my dad wants nothing to do with her when she is depressed and basically kicks her out of the house

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Fixing To

Fixing to see my mom for the first time since I had to put her into the mental institution.

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Saturday 12th January 2019


I hate whenever my mother visits. She will always compare me to my older brother who has a wife and two kids, and she say that I should have found a husband by now. She will always bring up that I'm fat, but she never brings up that my older brother is also fat. When [..more..]

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Wednesday 9th January 2019

A Question

My aunt (my dad's sister) has been staying with us for 4 years (my mom died 5 years ago). Tonight I walked in on my dad and aunt sleeping together, and I don't know how to feel. Is it incest if they are just sleeping together? Should I confront them about it?

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Tuesday 8th January 2019


Sometimes I wonder why my aunt pretends my uncle isn't abusive to her. The only times she is nice to me is when he isn't around, and she can talk and laugh without being scared.

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Sunday 6th January 2019


I can never have friends over because my mom is an adult baby

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Saturday 5th January 2019

My Grandma

My grandma killed my dog. Probably would have killed me too it I didn't run. I don't want to see her again, but I have to face her in court.

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Friday 4th January 2019


My mom is letting my stepmom stay with us after we learned that my a**h*** dad abused her (we've called the cops). My mom doesn't even like her, so it's sweet that she is letting her stay.

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To Mom

Hi mom. Is Mandy spending time with you? She’s a really good cat. I always thought she was your reincarnation somehow. When I’m lying in bed and I’m on my phone, Mandy use to come up and start padding the phone. It was like she was telling me to go to bed. She was always [..more..]

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