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Posted by on 2024/03/16 under Life

I am a kid i am 10 my brother kicks me my mom ans my ddad
Dont care about my they thing money and good life is everything
I am a human too i need some time thay dont
Spend time with me my brother calls me n***a
And he does not let me do anything i and ye he thinks only physical damage herts me
But he thinks calling me n***a is not going to hert bucause its just a word but word hert to
Words hert much more and it makes me sad it makes me crazy sometimes like it makes me watch porn and yes i have the sadest person in the world

One thought on “No body cares

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was in your shoes. One day, you will be in mine. What is your dream? And what is the most difficult thing you do today? Imagine that, but infinitely more difficult, that is your life in the future. I will end with this advice: if your problem does not physically kill you, it is not a problem. Only complain when you’re dead; you will have all the time to think about complaining then.

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