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Wednesday 22nd August 2018

I miss France too much

Aah I just want to go home honestly. Sure, I'm fluent in English but it's still so weird to hear everywhere! And the cheese and bread here suck

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Tuesday 21st August 2018



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I’m not sure what I’m doing here actually, but a thought came into my mind that I should just type something out about all this anger that I have built up inside me. I’ve recently started to notice that I’ve been getting angry or ticked off easily and from the slightest of inconvenience. It’s not [..more..]

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Saturday 18th August 2018


I am unhappy. I work extremely long hours in a good Job but I have sacrificed all the things I enjoy to have time to be successful. Yet I am unhappy. I now suffer the consequences from choices made in my career. I get thoughts of ending it all. Why should I keep living if [..more..]

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Friday 17th August 2018

Its a good day

After weeks of pessimistic thoughts, im finally done and moving on with life. Tired of waiting for things to happen. Finally.. just took a step forward.

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Plea for help. Having serious doubts about my future success.

I'm a 24-year-old college student who is considered what you would call a "Super Senior" in his fifth year. By my own calculations of putting in full time classes and taking summer classes when they're available (and passing everything), I'm not going to graduate for another 2-3 years. Maybe more because I'm noticing a gradually [..more..]

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I have never been so heart broken in my life my heart hurts so much and I am back to my depression he saved my I was literally going to do something that was not the answer and he saved my life and now th one thing I love is gone he don't wanna be [..more..]

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Love you all

Hi, if you're on this site, you're more or less upset about something or someone. I just wanna remind you that you're a strong individual and you will getthrough this. You will be happy. You. Just. Will. I love you and i hope you give yourself the love you deserve

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Sunday 12th August 2018


Im unhappy in this relationship at the moment. 2 freaking weeks of doubting this relationship. I used to be so happy with him and feels like i barely know him. I tried talking it out with him properly. Nothing except him has changed. And i dont know why im still staying. I desperately want [..more..]

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