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Saturday 22nd December 2012

I Am Ready

I have been with my boyfriend for two years now and I want to lose my virginity with him. He is a virgin too, and I want this to be really romantic for the both of us. The thing is, I am nervous. He has been wanting to do it now for a few weeks, [..more..]

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Thursday 20th December 2012

How does happyness happen?

I’m not happy.. Even when there’s nothing wrong i feel sad, and weird and really empty. My life has always been a little complicated but at this very moment i don’t have a huge problem like i always do. Then why do i feel like this? Why can’t i feel satisfied with life?

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Thursday 13th December 2012


The reason I introduced myself was your smile. I was having a pretty stressful day, I looked up from across the building, and you were already looking at me. Your smile relaxed me and filled me with a longing happiness, so I smiled back. Then we started talking. Now we’re becoming close friends, and I’m [..more..]

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Wednesday 12th December 2012

I am wasting my life

You know i know i got my whole life ahead of me and right now i am at that point where life is just dull, i don’t know being alone is something that should never happen to someone it can get to people. I am just so…bored of my life at the moment and i [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th December 2012


I felt a little happy and had a little hope about life.. for a moment.. And then the next day i’m all sad again. I wish i could change everything.

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Sunday 18th November 2012

Will I ever be able to love?

So when I was 20 I fell in love with this guy. He was 18 and we were friends. We then started to talk and hang out more than what friends should. We ended up in each other’s arms holding each other while we slept and at parties and in every moment. He started to [..more..]

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Monday 29th October 2012

I don’t even know what to say

I know I’m a crap friend who can’t bring herself to tell anyone anything, but when I finally do and express my frustration as to how much your possible relationship with a man who is five years short of being double your age, don’t just tell me that I should be happy for you. Don’t [..more..]

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Sunday 21st October 2012


I knew i liked you from the moment i met you. We have alot in common. SO MUCH to be exact and i want to be with you. I feel like maybe we’ve both been burnt by love in the past and are afraid to be burnt again. But i want you to understand you’re [..more..]

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Tuesday 9th October 2012

someone else, anyone, just not me

i dont know what is it that happened to me at all. i think i lost myself somewhere in the past couple years im not me anymore i dont do things i used to i dont act like i used to i do things id probably hate to do i say things i never say. [..more..]

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Sunday 7th October 2012

Figure it out

I really don’t get you right now. One moment you seem like your head over heals for me and then the next you just wanna be my friend. I even told you I liked you. You held my hand and you kissed me,all I want is you. I don’t know what’s going on in that [..more..]

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