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So when I was 20 I fell in love with this guy. He was 18 and we were friends. We then started to talk and hang out more than what friends should. We ended up in each other’s arms holding each other while we slept and at parties and in every moment. He started to become my world when i bought him a ring. I was going to ask him to be my first boyfriend ever. I stopped sleeping around and that was because he asked me to stop. I felt knew things about him that i hated and he hated things about me but some way or another we made each other a better person. When i was about to ask him he said that we were only friends and didnt want me to think it was going anywhere. He broke my heart. I was in deep like up to the point of giving into a relationship (which i hate always been against). we stopped talking but we are still friends on FB. He has a beautiful boyfriend and we’re still friends. Two years have passes and there hasnt been anyone that has come close to the way i felt about him. I am afraid that i am not made to be loved and will be alone for the rest of my life. I have a lot of love to give but have high standards in guys to just settle down for just any ass hole. I feel that i still need a lot to learn in life but feel impatient about loving someone.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is good that you have high standards. And for that reason, you will not end up alone. The women that end up alone with no love in the end are the ones who have a zillion boyfriends. My cousin is only 26 and she has been married three times. I know.. really, really sad. The fact that you are waiting for someone is an amazing thing to do. When you find the right person you will just know. There is no need to look around because love will find a person like you.

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