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Wednesday 26th October 2011


I never wanted to be in the middle, yet here I am; In-between two of my best friends… I admit, one of them I’ve know since I was 5 and the other one since I was 13 but still… She went and kissed him when he’s with her best friend. And now I’m stuck between [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st September 2011


Sigh, I got married impulsively to a kinda friend since I have known since middle shcool who is in the military now. I am 28, and at 27 I thought well I guess I’ll get married over texted I was asked mind you, and how sad. Now I want a divorce and he is making [..more..]

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Monday 12th September 2011


At this moment in time i feel all alone and i hate it. No one asks how i am? i wish someone was their to talk to me im always listening to other peoples problems but they never ask about mine. i have gotten so use t this. its like i have no voice. all [..more..]

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Sunday 11th September 2011


I am lost in this moment. Lost in time. Just want to sleep and dream about the old days. Just want to sleep and dream about the way it was supposed to be. I can’t cry, cause someone might see. So I have to keep this inside of me. I heard a song the other [..more..]

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Saturday 10th September 2011


Let’s just pretend we are not in love. Let’s just spend a good time together. You want me, i want you. And the whole world can stop spinning around for the moment. The flowing wind, the sound of the ocean, the silence of the night, the softness of the sand. The orgasm that we share [..more..]

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Tuesday 28th June 2011

I`m sure most of you got trough this ! It`s like when you madly love someone and you want to spend all the time with that person and the first thing you want to see when you wake up is his face, and at some point you think he loves you back but when this [..more..]

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Tuesday 14th June 2011

I’m falling for you. Thats all I want to say. I just want to be with you again, in your arms. But I can’t, I know you don’t feel the same, to you i’m a simple convenience of the moment. It’ll be over soon won’t it? :/

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Sunday 17th April 2011

You held my best friend, your girlfriend, at arms length, looked into her eyes, said ‘i cant do this.’ and left. I walked to our hill and you were standing there alone, you looked more than sad. I ran up the hill towards you and you turned around just as I tripped over my own [..more..]

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Tuesday 12th April 2011

My trip down South was good but not…. Good because it gave me time away from here but not because it didnt include you…. I didnt even see you although I did do a couple of drive bys wishing you would come out just at that moment but then scared in case you did…..I cant [..more..]

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Saturday 19th February 2011

All I want at this moment is for my mom to let me sleep over my boyfriends house! I love being with him and he makes me so happy. I wouldn’t see why I couldn’t, but her being old-fashion she would find everything wrong with the idea. I used to lie to her about where [..more..]

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