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Friday 4th January 2013

I’m done!!!!!

I’m not going to sit in silence anymore I have been hurting for 3 years and I’m sick of putting on a happy face for people I tried 5 times to get help and if no one is going to help me then fine I’ll try to help myself cause I cant take this anymore [..more..]

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I cant take being bipolar anymore people get me mad just to see what happens and now i got kicked out of school cause i cut the freaking kid my mom is still doing drugs and i never see my dad i pretty much have only 3 friends life really hates me doesn’t it….

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Saturday 29th December 2012

What is left…

I dont even know what to do with my life anymore.. I fell in love with a guy whos a total ass. He cheated on me, never really cared about my feelings, yet I still love him. I met him two years ago and I thought we would be together forever. I was wrong. I [..more..]

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Wednesday 12th December 2012

I hate being gay sometimes

Sometimes I hate being gay. I never hated myself as much as I do now. It so difficult keeping a secret like that from your whole world and just bottling it up in you. I cant tell my friends cause they don’t understand. it just seems like no one understands. I see couples in public [..more..]

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Tuesday 11th December 2012

why? oh why?

I feel like i have no where to run. I’ve been so far away from my family and too much has been going on for me to hold on… two deaths is too much. no goodbyes no last kisses or hugs. i sometimes go nights crying and then when i think that my life is [..more..]

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You and I

Hi ! I feel so lonely caz I can’t wait u . Sometime I cant breathe . I know I’m look like now idiot but if u can see my heart pls come to me .. I don’t exactly know my everyday is so missing someone but i tried to pass this situation,. But I [..more..]

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Friday 7th December 2012

stuck in a rut

I’m not happy with who i am or the world im living in. I feel like there’s a weight on my shoulders and it cant be lifted. Ive fallen face first into a wave of depression and im the only one that can pull myself out.

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Monday 3rd December 2012


My life is turning out to be as the life’s in alternate reality’s.You know,those shows,movies,you call it as you want,where everything misplaced..just not right.I realize it(and it sucks in a away),and it irritates me more and more the way it is,but i don’t know how and from where to try,to get it back,to get [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd December 2012


I realy just wish people could just stop. Stop the fighting,the back stabing, just ever thing that hurts people when they do it. I am just so tired of every thing. I feal as if i never get a brake from eny thing. I am just stressed about it all. Some times i just wanna [..more..]

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Saturday 1st December 2012


am i a selfish bastard for missing you?yes i am,in a way. do you think i lie to you if im not yelling at you i care and such? you know it without me saying it anyways! i cant yell it out because i think about the whole situation but you am i asking [..more..]

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