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Monday 7th January 2013

Just sick of life

I am being bullied. Definition of being bullied:physical. Not always, it’s gotten physical before. I don’t have any friends, my grades are horrible, girls are cutting themselves. After threatening to kill myself three times I was driven to a mental hospital. I go to a small private catholic school. Where are God’s children…? I don’t [..more..]

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It´s been a year….

….since i last held you. I still think about you a lot. For months i was your puppet on a string, i sat there waiting for you in limbo while you claimed you were “unsure” about you and me. While every couple of weeks you would run back to me and treat me like you [..more..]

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Can’t Handle Life Right Now

Soooo this past year has been crazy. I thought I had found the perfect small private college to go to and play volleyball and that i would have everything covered financially but by the time we got our bill we were too late to back out and find another school. Back up, our bill said [..more..]

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Sunday 6th January 2013

all i ask of you :'(

hi i’m from the Philippines and last year i took the entrance test of my dream school..i did my best.i did not cheat. i did not copy someone else’s work. it was so difficult! i don’t know if i would be able to pass it . i really want to..i did everything i can and [..more..]

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Wednesday 2nd January 2013

that’s me

It doesn’t matter if the people i care about don’t like.. I just have to accept that this is me, i don’t care who i’ll lose for it… I still thank god everything!

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just my life

My whole family got into a big fight, and i was the only one who wasn’t invovled. I felt like i had to be the only one to not say anything and keep it together. I had to support everyone and comfort them. But inside i feel like hell. Not because they fought, but because [..more..]

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Dear Friend

I fell in love with you and then you make love to me and then you run away and I wonder if there is anything wrong with me. Because why did you leave so fast? Why did you take away my virginity and tell me everything was going to be okay if you just left [..more..]

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Tuesday 1st January 2013


I haven’t exactly been through the majority of my life yet, but it seems to me that there is a definitive ground between the just and the unjust. The grounds in between is every so small but at the exact same time and through a grand broadcast of people ever changing. Does that mean that [..more..]

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Monday 31st December 2012

Idk wht to think anymore

I am having a terrible time right now. One second im happy the nxt i hate everything. My bff and i havr been less close recently and we r gonna see each other tomorrow for new yrs but she is acting a lil strange. I am the kind of person tht needs to b reassured [..more..]

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My life

When i was in 3rd grade everything was fine. I went to school i had a best freind that i played with everyday and i just enjoyed life. One day my mother became sick. At first i thought of it as nothing but when a month had passed i knew something was wrong. After a [..more..]

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