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Monday 31st December 2012

Same Mistakes

My boyfriend and I have been through a lot in the past few years together. But we get through everything together. I just feel bad because I make all these dumb mistakes. And he does too. A few weeks ago I caught him on my couch with some girl making out. He was very drunk [..more..]

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Sunday 30th December 2012


depression is taking over everything in my life… its been so hard for my innerself to blend in with the beauty of life…. i wake up in the middle of the night with heartaches.. and mind loss… am i psychologically ill?? or am just lostt?? i see a f***ing ant on the street and i [..more..]

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I used to know my self….I used to love my self…I knew exactly what I wanted…I had a dream…I had hopes and a whole life infront of me…I felt talanted and gifted..I was gifted..then I met you….you were my best friend…my had my dream…you had my hopes…you think , dream , talk like me…I [..more..]

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I Feel So Alone

I sit alone in the lunch room every single day. I have been taken advantage of, and used so many times in my life. I want people to see the real me, but no one understands or accepts me for who I really am. My last boyfriend cheated on me the entire relationship. I just [..more..]

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Saturday 29th December 2012

how you feel

In 2008 I felt sad in 2012 I felt sadder in just 4 years I felt that my life is going over people don’t know how I fell they just care what they feel they talk and talk about how they felt when they passed away but when you say something they judge you what [..more..]

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Thursday 27th December 2012

Dear You

You said you were in love with me. And I felt it. Everything we did together I was always happy and carefree. You took my virginity and I felt ok about it. I told you everything. About my past, about my dreams for the future. And then one day, I wake up, and you are [..more..]

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Wednesday 26th December 2012

love and chirstmas

tonight at dinner. friend: your in love with her right me: no no no(looks away) Friend: ok just making sure she thinks of you as a brother me: great… all in all i was hurt for a bit tonight, well i still am to know when you put everything into someone, pour your soul into [..more..]

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Tuesday 25th December 2012

Hate everyone and everything

I hate everything. I would love to burn everything. I would love to hit someone over the head with a shovel. I hate myself, think I’m worthless, yet still think I’m better than everyone else. It’s kinda weird, I know, but that’s me for ya. In my house there’s no where private. In my room [..more..]

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Sunday 23rd December 2012

That’s the problem

Look even I love the idea of me, I know why some of you do. The actual reality of me isn’t as endearing. I can be your fantasy, everything you want. But I can only keep up the act for so long. I’m yet to find someone who actually understands me and will stick around [..more..]

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“Over Again”

Said I’d never leave her cause her hands fit like my tee shirt. Tongue tied over three words, cursed. Running over thoughts that made my feet hurt bodies entwine with her lips. Now she’s feeling solo since she went solo hole in the middle of my heart like a polo. And it’s no joke to [..more..]

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