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When i was in 3rd grade everything was fine. I went to school i had a best freind that i played with everyday and i just enjoyed life. One day my mother became sick. At first i thought of it as nothing but when a month had passed i knew something was wrong. After a year of sickness i was getting really worried but she actually recovered. For a week. Then the sickness came aigain and this time it was here to stay. The day she became sick i stopped doing my homework. And for the next 2 years i kept telling myself to start aigain but i couln´t i just couln´t. So i became depressed. My mom was slowly dying, my consceince was eating me up because of the homework, and to top it all off my best freind was leaving for another school. Now we were barely seeing each other one time a month. These times were tough for me so i had to resort to playing video games. I guess that was the only thing that stimulated me.

Then it happened. My mother passed away. I had expected myself to cry and scream but i were paralyzed and i could cry at the funeral.
Ever since that day i have tried to recover but to no avail. I have next to no freinds, no mom and im still not doing my homework. My mom died 2 years ago. Im now 14 and very depressed. For now i have been assigned to a psychologist. Im overweight and spend most of my time on video games. But i dont wanna give video games up no matter what happens. It has been my life hobby and i will not just give it up. But still im scared. Scared that i wont make it. That my depression will take over and that or that i will never pass the exams. I just dont know what to do anymore. I dont have any suicide thoughts and probaly never will. But im miserable. So miserable.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am very sorry for the loss of your mother. That is something very hard to deal with and I do not blame you for all the troubles you are going through. While I can’t completely cure your misery or sadness, I would like to tell you that things get better and you should always have a tiny bit of hope that things will work out. Things may not be okay right now, but they always are in the end. Go through this sadness with just a little hope. .xx

  2. cooper says:

    The only thing you can do about the feelings of misery about the past is give it time. leave it be, and give it time. And you dont have to give up videogames but you need to take a little bit of that time you spend in front of a screen and devote it to seeing what it is you fill your stomach with. And not eat it all. Dont think you can only change when you make major changes, that is bulls***. Every day, you need to eat 1 (yes only one) less bit of candy and instead drink 1 (yes, only one) glass of water. Try just that. change is nothing big, and can start with the smallest of things. Dont worry about being overweight, about not being perfect or wonderful, its time for you and only you now. One piece of fastfood or candy for one glass of water. and see if that little change does anything to change your feeling towards it all being hopeless…

  3. Samantha says:

    I’m very sorry about your mother.No one should ever go though anything like that. And don’t quit your video gaming.You shouldn’t be deppressed, but if you are, thats ok. Its you, and you can always change if you try. Embrasse who you are, and cherehish what you have. Try telling a funny joke a day, or do something productive. Don’t let go of your gaming, and don’t worry so much qbout finals.I know I’m late, but I hope my imput helps

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