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Thursday 27th December 2012

Closed totally shut

i’m a closed person, totally shut, very hard exterior. I do not want to talk.. a lot, tell anything to anyone about myself or my family. I do not trust anyone. I do not make friends. All result of years and years of being ignored by everyone, still trying to reach out to people make [..more..]

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Monday 24th December 2012

just a random

well it’s the week before the finals ,, and my mom is pushing me like hell.. she keeps telling me to study every minute ughh , but anywho .. az have been flirting with me but i kept rejecting the flirts .. is that mean?? i don’t wanna be a slut .. i mean if [..more..]

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I hope my family dies!!!!!!!!!!!

My family can go to hell!! I don’t care about any of them, infact they make me angry, every time i see their faces i want to kill them!!!!! I wish i could go and live for myself!!!!!

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Thursday 20th December 2012


I feel like hell, and tomorrow is basically going to be the worst day ever! I’m gonna make a fool out of myself cause i’m an idiot!

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I feel like hell

This is the worst day ever, I feel awful!!!!! I feel angry and sad because a person did something to me, and i feel bad for that person for being angry … It’s stupid!!

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Friday 14th December 2012

The truth, at last.

When I was 18, I met the perfect man. But I was too young and dumb to appreciate him. Now, several mistakes and 2 marriages later, I wonder where he is, how he’s doing. I heard his baby brother died a couple of years ago, and just wanted to hold him, because I know he’s [..more..]

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Sunday 9th December 2012

I hate life!

I hate life!! I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!! I CAN’T stand it!!!!!! I’m freaking tired of this life!!!!! Why do you have to go through something that feels like an eternity of hell, before you get 1 MINUTE of happiness!!! I wanna leave everyone and everything, i am sick of it!!!!

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Tuesday 27th November 2012

for him…

It`s been a while since I`ve seen you… I really miss you, I wish I had the experience to act normal around you, but I was just a child, and so were you… And now we`re all grown up, I`ve got my life, you`ve got yours… It`s too damn late to do anything anymore… God [..more..]

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Friday 23rd November 2012


I dated this guy for two years, and we were so amazing together, he was my best friend and my everything. About two months ago, he ended it with me, saying it just wasn’t our time anymore. I was completely blind-sided and have cried every day since. we have done the whole ignoring each other [..more..]

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Wednesday 24th October 2012

Why does he ignore me?

I honestly don’t even know what’s up anymore.. :c He use to always chat me, and say the most sweetest things ever. But that only lasted for about a week. He would always tell me I’m beautiful, and how I’m a little angel & this and that. But he stops now :c At school, he [..more..]

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