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i’m a closed person, totally shut, very hard exterior. I do not want to talk.. a lot, tell anything to anyone about myself or my family. I do not trust anyone. I do not make friends.
All result of years and years of being ignored by everyone, still trying to reach out to people make them my friends, make them like me, make them want me, make them feel me secure and they all betrayed me, betrayed me like hell. Chewed me and spit it out.
Parents like others better than their own children, so forget about them, they are the biggest culprits in my situation, they completely responsible for the person i am today, now they cannot expect any empathy if they are old, what they sow is what they reap. I have also been through a lot of pain in life, but i went through all of that on my own. I overcome all those things on my own alone. Only god was with me always and that is who I ‘m with now. I’m at his feet. he was with me all along.
Now its like i do not care about anything anymore. i just do not give a damn. go to hell, die or live i do not care.
Why should i care when they never cared about me.

3 thoughts on “Closed totally shut

  1. fifitah says:

    same here.

    1. Stephy says:

      This is the precise c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0c2a0 Q!uT|anZ jounarl for anyone who wants to move out out nigh this matter. You respond so some its almost debilitating to contend with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new protract on a theme thats been graphical around for life. Overnice meaninglessness, simply majuscule!

  2. MountainManKev says:

    People suck, they let you down, hurt your feelings, cannot trust em. Hey, we all have felt that. I can’t give up tho. I can, in my actions, show others that I care, am interested, value trust, and have hope. There are good folks out there. But, we are only human. We have many faults. If you can somehow just love. Love for loves sake. That is really all that counts

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