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Thursday 28th February 2013

Somewhere Out There

Maybe there is hope for me. But I do not know where to find it. I am so unhappy and unloved. My heart has been broken too many times, and my home life is not good right now. My parents are getting a divorce because they always fight. I have the decision to leave and [..more..]

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Monday 25th February 2013

Insecurity vs. Maturity

Today my heart yearned for him. I called. He said he’d call me back hours ago. Sometime he seems to want me and other times I’m not so sure. He said he wants to take it slow so neither of us gets hurt. When it’s good I love it, but when it’s sliw I get [..more..]

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Monday 7th January 2013

It´s been a year….

….since i last held you. I still think about you a lot. For months i was your puppet on a string, i sat there waiting for you in limbo while you claimed you were “unsure” about you and me. While every couple of weeks you would run back to me and treat me like you [..more..]

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Sunday 6th January 2013


i feel terrible right now,yesterday we buried my lover.i love him and miss him with all my heart,i can’t accept that he is gone forever and i will never see him again.

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Saturday 5th January 2013

Only in a Dream

I question my faith as I look up above, reaching with outstretched arms expecting another shove. I’m losing all my care from losing all I loved and no amount of time can heal the hurt that has been done.I remember now the way she use to look at me and the pain in her eyes [..more..]

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Friday 4th January 2013

life sucks.

i fell inlove with my bestfriend , in the 5th grade , we got together in the summer of 5th grade , then we broke up 7th grade year, we thought it was best for , we still talk as bestfriends, were now in 9th grade , were bestfriends he told me he still loves [..more..]

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Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Dear Friend

I fell in love with you and then you make love to me and then you run away and I wonder if there is anything wrong with me. Because why did you leave so fast? Why did you take away my virginity and tell me everything was going to be okay if you just left [..more..]

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Saturday 29th December 2012


When you are lying in bed, listening to the sound of rain, there is no pattern. You can not predict what sound is going to come next like the steady beating of a heart, or the low, repetitive, hum and the odd clank that a train makes. Drops fall from the heavens. Hurtling down towards [..more..]

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Some Thoughts

I want to be honest and say that I feel lonely. I wake up every morning and follow the same routine, thinking that maybe today is the day that I am going to find love. Yes! Love. I want to fall in love and have someone love me in return, I have been waiting for [..more..]

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Thursday 27th December 2012

i love you

my mom is in the hospital and I miss her plus she helps me when I fill sad you know I just can not understand why things go as the go when she is here she sometimes treat me so mean not just me but everybody sometimes but I love her and I need her [..more..]

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