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Monday 7th January 2013

life is just a blank

YOu know i really don’t know what i want, nor what emotions are running through me sometimes i feel like i have no emotions and my mind is just a blank, i can’t tell if am simple minded or think deep into things, i don’t think i have my own opinion since i just agree [..more..]

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Just sick of life

I am being bullied. Definition of being bullied:physical. Not always, it’s gotten physical before. I don’t have any friends, my grades are horrible, girls are cutting themselves. After threatening to kill myself three times I was driven to a mental hospital. I go to a small private catholic school. Where are God’s children…? I don’t [..more..]

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I Hate Being Alone

I cry all the time because I wish there was someone there for me, you know? Yes I have a father and mother and family who love me. But I am talking about a boy. A real boy who would hold me close and kiss me and tell me he loves me. The only guys [..more..]

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Sunday 6th January 2013


Laughter is just the sound of pure happiness and joy rushing out all at the same time.

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Thursday 3rd January 2013


I am so angry and sad at the same time… This is the worse!

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I have recently broke up with my boyfriend. It wasn’t a long relationship but he made it feel like it was going to last forever. He has problems with his family that he never told me about which I don’t understand why he wouldn’t of told me so we could have worked things out. We [..more..]

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I need to believe that there are good people out there. People who care. People who love. I have lost all hope for myself ever finding these people. I need to believe that failure is for the best, but how can I do that when I am failing all of my classes in school and [..more..]

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Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Trapped inside

Well, I don’t know where to begin. All my problems started when I was in 6th grade. I was a normal person until I knew people talked about me. A few months later, I was being bullied by classmates. It lead me to start cutting myself and starve myself. I never told anyone about it [..more..]

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Tuesday 1st January 2013

january 01,2013

it is January 01,2013 and GOD blessed us with this time positive thought every bodies is kissing and stuff trying new things smelling real nice wow are we falling in love putting all positive thoughts in the air for us all breaking through the impossible keeping smiles on our faces help each other through the [..more..]

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Monday 31st December 2012

My Fear

I am afraid of time. Not spiders. Not heights. But time. I feel like every day is speeding past me and I don’t have time to catch up. I feel like I will die before finding my true love, before doing the things I have always wanted to do. I know my life is going [..more..]

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