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Friday 3rd December 2010

everythins my fault… im always the one at blame, you said this you said that, im tired of being yelled at im tired of doing it wrong, why do you blame me…. why do i blame me… i try to make it right and apoligize but all the leads to is more pain, pain is [..more..]

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Monday 29th November 2010

I think i’m afraid of being rejected, even though in the back of my mind i know i deserve better. I love him. I don’t want our relationship to end. It sounds selfish but I want to be the one who ends it if/when the time comes, because i know at least then i will [..more..]

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Thursday 4th November 2010

I feel that this writing space should drop down when it is click on, rather than just be massive all the time =]

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Friday 3rd September 2010

I’m trying so hard. I know it would be better for me to let go, to just let the hurt go, but I can’t. You slept with her. Your best friend’s girlfriend. I know we worked through it and our marriage is in a good place right now, but damn it’s so hard. You made [..more..]

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