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I cry all the time because I wish there was someone there for me, you know? Yes I have a father and mother and family who love me. But I am talking about a boy. A real boy who would hold me close and kiss me and tell me he loves me. The only guys I have dated were jerks who were never around and cheated on me with other women. I just want someone who is a gentleman, someone who still believes in happily ever after. It seems like there just aren’t guys like that anymore. I fall asleep alone every single night. It hurts.

4 thoughts on “I Hate Being Alone

  1. ADH says:

    I have been on the same page as you before! I had one boyfriend before and he was a dousche who cheated on me all the time! But when I met the man I will be marrying soon I was completely awestruck. It was a random meeting and I hadn’t even been looking for anyone at the moment. I was actually still with my cheating douscher. But what I’m trying to say is that you can want it and look for it all you want but true love is going to come when you least expect it to! So don’t go looking for it!!

  2. x402 says:

    I know how it feels asleep alone every day. I am going through it now.

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