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Well, I don’t know where to begin. All my problems started when I was in 6th grade. I was a normal person until I knew people talked about me. A few months later, I was being bullied by classmates. It lead me to start cutting myself and starve myself. I never told anyone about it because I was too afraid of being judged. I’m one of those people who are afraid to stand up for themselves. I hate speaking up. A few years later, my own family was and I wanted to committ suicide. I’ve attempted suicide.more than once, but never succeeded. As time goes ny, I just feel more worse. I can’t communicate with anyone. I’m lonely, I see/hear things that aren’t there. I don’t even know if I need to go to a psychiatric center. I emotions bottled I., I have no one to talk with. Basically, i’m trapped inside my mind…

7 thoughts on “Trapped inside

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know it may be hard to believe, but I know how you feel. I started cutting and having suicidal thoughts in sixth grade, I was misunderstood and didn’t have any real friends. I tried suicide, but that made things worse, my family was worried and I had to stay in a phsyciatric ward where I had to live with other people who are going through the same thing as me. It really helped, getting to know amazing people that finally understood. I would seriously suggest therapy, it seems scaring, but they only want to help. They don’t judge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m scared to speak up, I don’t even talk anymore 😮

  3. Anonymous says:

    Get those feelings out in a diary. And promise me and yourself that you will never hurt yourself again. Because it kills me inside to think of someone trying to kill themselves when this life is so full of adventure, love, and wonder. And in reality, you do not want to die. You just want to be saved. So please get some help. It feels like a lot to take in at first, but I care about you. And I know that by letting these feelings out and talking to someone, you can be saved. .xx

  4. Anonymous says:

    I end up cutting myself anyway D: even if I promise.

  5. retardgirl says:

    cutting solves nothing. I stopped and felt no different from when i did cut because either way im still here withering away to nothing. By cutting yourself youre just letting the bullies win. School is a bureaucracy and your peers dont matter. just use your middle finger and forget about them because they arent real people .

  6. Anonymous says:

    think if you had a kid and he or she was cutting how would you feel? well thats probably how your parents feel. scared, blaming themselves, and most of all they feel not good enough parents, they want to help. tell them or nothing ever gets better

  7. Walle says:

    I’m sorry. I know how you feel. A wise and baddass man told me once that Life sucks, but find one thing you love in this challenging s*** hole world we have all been condemned to and your life will be bearable for the short while you exist in this godforsaken place we intellectual parasites call earth.

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