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Thursday 5th June 2014

Teens Looking For Jobs

Throughout last year and this year, I’ve had an extremely hard time finding a job. I am 17 years old and have been looking for a job ever since I was 15. Not a typical babysitting job or some house work job. I’m talking about working in the field type job like cashier, store associate: [..more..]

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Saturday 12th January 2013


Its hard to see you pay check goes to bills, and your only 20 with no kids living with your parents and its not your bills to take care of. My mom walked away from her job she said shes going back but idk what to believe anymore….daddy is going back to school so he [..more..]

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Tuesday 8th January 2013

That little voice inside my head

Keeps going on at me. “You are no where near good enough to do the job you love” “Your playing and singing are nowhere near up to a good standard” “It doesn´t matter when people compliment you, you can hear it, its terrible, listen to your voice, its damn awful” sigh

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Sunday 30th December 2012

Lost friends?

I don’t know how to start this… Firstly, sorry for gramma, I’m not a native english speaker. So, I’m really disappointed in my two friends. I have known them for 14-16 years. I have put so much in this relationship. And I have to admit, I enjoyed being with them. They are fun people. But [..more..]

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Saturday 29th December 2012

The Happenings

One day, Lydia found out that she was not invited to my other friend Sloan’s birthday party. She threw a big fit at recess and Abbey blamed it on me, even though it was not my fault. The Abbey said that she just doesn’t like some of the things that I do. Then she just [..more..]

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Wednesday 26th December 2012

just something… ?

i always thought when i grow up i can get an apt live on my own and have a job im proud of. do stuff with friends and have a loveable girlfriend that i can brag about to everyone i know and the people i dont know. but as i grew up it never went [..more..]

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Tuesday 25th December 2012

Life is f***ed up

Heya life just here to tell you that I really hate you sometime. Filled with anger, dont know how to get rid of it… Feel empty and dull you seem to be just a f***ing routine. Trying so hard to smile, kind of hard when you dont give me a break once in a while. [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd December 2012

Thank You

I did my job, to make you happy like you wanted!. I wonder if you wouldn’t have talked to me before, if we would be talking now. I did my best these past few months to help you smile a little :). Seeing you happy is what makes me happiest. I promised myself I would [..more..]

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Thursday 20th December 2012

One person two lives

I’ve always been the person that everyone go to fppr advice. i’ve always been the mature one, the one with wisdom, down to earth and everything. But i just feel there are two sides to me. The one side is the person i described above and the next side is this dark depressing, not good [..more..]

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Tuesday 18th December 2012

So Now a Days

I have been dealing with so much at home lately. I live with my dad, step mom, step brother, step sister, and her boyfriend all in one tiny house. It is getting to the point where we are all getting at each other’s throats and I can’t even stand it anymore. My sister is the [..more..]

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