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I’ve always been the person that everyone go to fppr advice. i’ve always been the mature one, the one with wisdom, down to earth and everything. But i just feel there are two sides to me.

The one side is the person i described above and the next side is this dark depressing, not good enough, ugly, dumb, waste of space person. and this side of me is always there at the back of my head, telling me these things that no matter how hard i try i will never achieve anything that i want. my friends are all moving forward in lives, got boyfriends, doing well in uni, have part time jobs and have the smarts to perfect it all. and there’s me in the background struggling to keep my head above water. i just feel there no future for me no matter how hard i try. i have no job, no boyfriend ( 20years old never been kissed and still and virgin) trying my hardest to keep up with other students at uni and still living at home because i have no money. and every job i apply for all i get is rejection letter which puts me down even more.

and that is just scratching the surface.

i just need help

One thought on “One person two lives

  1. Anonymous says:

    We all have that side. You’re young, you still have time to do so much. Who cares if you haven’t had a kiss? The right person will come along! Just go after your goals and your dreams, and never compare yourself to other people. You’re you and your very speciel, never forget that (:

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