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Its hard to see you pay check goes to bills, and your only 20 with no kids living with your parents and its not your bills to take care of. My mom walked away from her job she said shes going back but idk what to believe anymore….daddy is going back to school so he can get his degree of what he wants. He was laid off two years ago. I have a older sister who helps but all she does is fight me and my parents she complains how she do not have money but I see she get her nails goes tanning and hangout with friends, while I bust my ass. I have anxienty I was rushed to the er one day while at work I got addicted to redbull that was the only thing to make me feel good but I had to stop drinking that which was hard very. How does one not care without being on meds. Im scared to spend money I rarely have any money for myself its like I care about everyone else but me. I feel Im trapped in the house cause the gas I have has to last. Family fights alot my sister its like you have to treat her royalty. Sometimes I wonder what my life could’ve been if we wasnt in this situation.

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