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Tuesday 1st January 2013


hope we all have a happy new year hope we all share some kisses ,smile,fluids,communation smells, how long can you hold your breath while kissing I think I can kiss for a minunte minute maybe

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Saturday 29th December 2012


I am a chubby girl ok? A little bit big around the edges. And I was okay with that until I started high school this year. And everyone looked at me weird. And the guys make fun of me whenever I walk into class. And now… I want to starve myself. I want to cut [..more..]

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Friday 21st December 2012

i like you but i dont like you

i think i kinda like my guy friend but i hate how he has 2 sides to him. when we talk outside of class he’s sweet hes kinda flirty (at least i think he’s flirting) but when we’re in person in class its like he’s someone else he can be a really butt munch an [..more..]

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Monday 17th December 2012

Leave Me Alone

There is a boy who sits next to be in one of my classes. He always says really nasty sexual things to me. Last time he told me he had a boner and that he wanted me to “cure” it. It is getting out of hand. I suppose I should talk to the teacher but [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th December 2012

My Mom Hates My Boyfriend

My boyfriend John is amazing and perfect and treats me so well. The other night, I invited him to dinner. Not a good idea. My mother was so rude to him and made him leave early. She called him a “good for nothing punk” which offended me very much. John is in the top of [..more..]

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Saturday 1st December 2012

The other duckling

Do you ever get the feeling that you have forgotten how to smile? I meen it’s been so long since I remembered and the last time I smiled of true joy was as usual when I have to force myself to believe a so sick and tired of looking at myself and seen someone [..more..]

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Monday 26th November 2012

I Am Beyond Done

I am so sick and tired of my life right now. I just want to be happy and that seems so far away. I always used to be a good student in school, and now I am failing most every class. I used to be popular with a lot of friends, but it seems like [..more..]

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Wednesday 21st November 2012

School Is Not Cool

I used to love school. But now… I don’t even want to think about it. Junior High was really hard to get through, and now High School is even worse. The teachers are strict, the other students are rude and judgmental, and you are going through a ton of stress with homework and tests. I [..more..]

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Friday 16th November 2012

How embarrasing

I hate my Spanish class. So I got a really good score on my last test. Now my teacher thinks I can speak Spanish well and asks me questions. The thing is I am horrible at Spanish. I’m just good at recognition tests. So during every class I look like a fool incapable of answering [..more..]

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Wednesday 14th November 2012

Did you know that research shows we humans have natural super powers?!?!

HAHAHA my title caught your attention huh? We aren’t afraid of death, it’s the PAIN that causes it. Nobody wants to feel pain in any way. whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental pain. This fear inside us prevents us from doing what we want. We are afraid to evolve because in the back of our [..more..]

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