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HAHAHA my title caught your attention huh? We aren’t afraid of death, it’s the PAIN that causes it. Nobody wants to feel pain in any way. whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental pain. This fear inside us prevents us from doing what we want. We are afraid to evolve because in the back of our mind we know someone will try to put us down, envious of what we may become or achieve. We’re afraid to reach out for we may be dragged down. We’re afraid to stand tall for we may trip and fall. As a result, we stay laying down – waiting for something to happen to us – not daring to push forward. If you are an obese person, sitting there stuffing your face and regretting every single bite while thinking, “I shouldn’t do this, but I’m so hungry, and besides, what’s the point of stopping now? I’ll never get thinner.” Well, NOTHING will ever change. You will keep doing, and doing the same thing for the rest of your life. So instead of doing that, first, change your way of thinking. Everything will change especially if you really want to. I’ll let you in on my secret. A day before a BIG test(and we’ve only had 5 big tests), my teacher ALWAYS asks each of us a different question from the test itself. He picks it by rolling two dices and picking the number that comes up. Well, the lazy butt that I am(I never study for tests, our brains naturally retain information if you pay attention in class and write down notes while listening, so DON’T SLEEP IN CLASS!!!), I only look up the answer to one question and remember that. I run it over and over again in my mind. When it was my turn…guess what?….He asked me the exact question. AND that has happened to me 5 times consecutively without fail. I’m not sure if it will happen a sixth time, but 5 times is pretty awesome, right? Both our minds and our world, work in very mysterious ways. You just have to believe. If you fail once, try and try again! Nothing will happen unless you struggle first because you have to prove yourself worthy of the prize, right? Once you set your mind to something it will definitely happen, and the ONLY person who can stop you is yourself. So remember not to stop yourself if you want it that bad!(Unless it’s not right) AND DON’T DO DRUGS!!!

One thought on “Did you know that research shows we humans have natural super powers?!?!

  1. r says:

    Personally I am afraid of not because of the pain but because of thenonexistent that will happen. however the rest of this speaks to me

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