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i think i kinda like my guy friend but i hate how he has 2 sides to him. when we talk outside of class he’s sweet hes kinda flirty (at least i think he’s flirting) but when we’re in person in class its like he’s someone else he can be a really butt munch an i hate that its not like hes kinda jerky and i hate that, and one minute im sure he likes me because he’ll send really sweet messages and we have alot in common like with art for instance i showed him a picture of my painting and he told me it was amazing and few days later he sent me a long message telling me how amazing i was and he really loved my work but then in class in front of people he’s like “okay let me see this garbage” -_- then when my friends played a joke on him telling him i was gone he spent the entire next day trying to get a hold of me asking me if i was okay and how he wanted to talked to me because he cared and when i finally got back to him he made me promise to never let my friends joke round about hurting me because he really cares and i cant help but think “awwwww” an then we get to class and hes a butt all over again but now hes getting nicer (im not sure if flirty would describe this correctly) in one class when ever the guy next to me’s absent he takes his seat and starts poking me and tries to make me laugh and like tickles me and yesterday he was standing next to me rocking back an forth getting closer to me but im not sure if this is his way of flirting or hes just being the same old butt much of a guy friend i want to ask him so bad if he likes me but then again i dont im not sure if i like him i like his nice side i just wish he’d get rid of his jerk side then id like him back, and of course all this is theoretical because i have no idea if he does like me or not and i dont know how to ask this kind of thing because wat if he doesnt? am i going to care or am i going to be relived with his response? i just dont know but maybe i want to know

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do think that this kid likes you. He is being a jerk in class merely for attention. Possibly your attention. He wants to seem cool in front of his friends and other students and that is just how guys work. My boyfriend did just the same thing. When it was just us, he was really sweet and caring. And then when his friends got involved, he sort of became a jerk. I eventually decided to tell him my feelings and he said he felt the same way and said sorry for being a jerk. And now he is the best boyfriend ever even though he can still get a bit crazy! I recommend you talk to this boy, for a start. Good Luck. .X

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