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February 6, 2020
9:04 PM

Since I'm a failure and economically worthless, I'm thinking about getting myself to die soon. Funny how the signs in TTC stations claim there's help when there isn't. It's too expensive to get into a psychology clinic. Waiting times are also insane. I can't get any diagnosis or documentation as an excuse to prevent YorkU from suspending me.

My parents think I'm a failure because I didn't accept christ and their version of Christianity. Despite other successful non-Christians. Well, if your god will punish me by making me useless for not worshipping it after creating me without me asking to be created, while letting others (other non-Christians) go free simply because I was dedicated as an infant against my will, I guess I can't agree with such a d*** of a god and would just rather die.

I also wouldn't want return to a country (Nigeria) that thinks I have no worth because of my sexual orientation or my non-religion. The country and most of its citizens doesn't care about me. So, I don't care about it.

I can't even get a part time job because I'm too stupid to qualify for most of them. Too slow and not communicative enough to be a cashier or attendant. Can't afford (my parents can't afford) a bike to work as a delivery person for Foodora/Doordash, etc. I'm too anxious to even ride a bike on Toronto streets as I've never done it before and will probably feel and look like an idiot
My last summer (summer 2018) job was General Labour Full Time. I got terminated from the part time telephone interviewer job at Access Research for probationary reasons. I was late to a lot of shifts later on during the job because of my poor schedule. I also struggled with communication on one survey and could hardly get enough completes on all surveys (couldn't reach the productivity targets)

No one would miss me much luckily.

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2 thoughts on “Day I took a shot the Subway suicide poster

  1. TournelHenry says:

    Poster: <a href="" >

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello, are you still with us? How are you doing now? Hope you’re better.

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