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Friday 4th January 2013

f*** this

i count on a daily basis. apparently its suppose to help with anger problems which is something i get from my dad although he means nothing to me. easy to write yet hard to tell others why. my mom shes heading that way too but yet for some reason things turn around because i have [..more..]

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Friday 28th December 2012


I need to find a way to dump my friend nicely because she is taking over my old bff and my old bff is changing and i want it to be just the two of us because i feel like the third wheel. Everyday, the person who is taking over my bff is angry at [..more..]

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Thursday 27th December 2012

What is the point of life

I honestly don’t have a reason to live anymore. I am already going to hell. Sometimes I wish I could just escape life. Life isvjust a burden.

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Monday 24th December 2012


My baby brother is scaring me. He is a one year old and he’s acting strange. I know babys do strange things sometimes, but this is unreasonable. He’s talking to the walls, ahving fits on anger of no appearent reason, and he randomly breaks out in rashes, that magically go away. I don’t like it [..more..]

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Saturday 22nd December 2012

The Little Stream

Ignored to a degree, I’m doubtful they can even hear me. Words writen on my hands, angering that incompotent man. Charming the Lions in their own den, with skills the other Snakelings envy. The Harpy he keeps for some unknown reason, and the liar on hs shoulder, it’s no wonder that these days he is [..more..]

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Friday 21st December 2012

Idk anymore

I am so lost right now. My bff the only one i can rly count on is acting strange. We have crazy talks and s*** and stuff happened and we got introuble for some of the things we wrote.. Now shes actin all strange. One min shes huggin me tellin me she loves me the [..more..]

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Sunday 16th December 2012

Something else..

I knew you texted your friends saying you flirt with your coworkers “but you would never hook up with them” (what’s the count now…3 so far?) You messaged those guys over facebook… That one guy you said that the reason you even dated me for 10 months was because you were too nice to say [..more..]

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Thursday 13th December 2012


The reason I introduced myself was your smile. I was having a pretty stressful day, I looked up from across the building, and you were already looking at me. Your smile relaxed me and filled me with a longing happiness, so I smiled back. Then we started talking. Now we’re becoming close friends, and I’m [..more..]

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Monday 10th December 2012

School Literally Kills Me

I used to love school but now it is giving me so much stress. I am in the tenth grade. Sometimes I get so nervous that I throw up. I hate school for various reasons. Please listen, because I would love so help and advice. The first thing is waking up in the morning. I [..more..]

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Sunday 9th December 2012


I have really bad depression and I have to hide it every single day with a dumb smile. I am depressed about a lot of things. There is not one reason why I am so sad, everything just adds up. I am doing terrible in school, I have two friends that use me, guys don’t [..more..]

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