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Posted by on 2012/12/21 under Friends

I am so lost right now. My bff the only one i can rly count on is acting strange. We have crazy talks and s*** and stuff happened and we got introuble for some of the things we wrote.. Now shes actin all strange. One min shes huggin me tellin me she loves me the nxt she is lookin at me like we r strangers. I kno her so well and she knows me so well tht it is rly strange to have her look at me tht way. I am rly confused about what is going on between us. Idk if she is scared because of wht the person saw but i dnt think it is a reason for her to b acting like i dnt exist one min and the nxt b my bff again. Well its a lot more complicated than this but i wud take hours if i tried to go into all the detail i rly just want a way to talkto her and tell he how i feel without her sayin tht im being moody or tht there is nothig wrong and tht i am seeing something tht isnt there. I cnt lose her for any reason. She is my everything and honetly even tho it scares me idk wht i wud do without her. Well i rly just needed to get my feelings out about this cuz ive been thinkin about it for a couple days. I dnt want a friendship to go away because of this. Break is comin up and im scared tht imma not see her. Well maybe things will get better soon idk. Well im done for now…

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