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Ignored to a degree, I’m doubtful they can even hear me. Words writen on my hands, angering that incompotent man. Charming the Lions in their own den, with skills the other Snakelings envy. The Harpy he keeps for some unknown reason, and the liar on hs shoulder, it’s no wonder that these days he is looking older. A fine man preposed a relationship to me. Mutal desire led me to agree. Drug dealers abound, they circle around even the place I sleep. The mississippi means them no harm, though not that they can see. A beautiful person came once and said to me, tears on the water cannot be seen cry only when is capable to be hidden. A damning collection of words, yelling scream like everyone has already heard. The Mississippi felling fed, tires of their deep tread into her waters, while the little stream encourages her to sweep them under snd let it be, one might I mention the little stream is me.

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