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I honestly don’t have a reason to live anymore. I am already going to hell. Sometimes I wish I could just escape life. Life isvjust a burden.

6 thoughts on “What is the point of life

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why do you think you’re going to hell? Life can be crap sometimes and believe me i know the feeling when you just want to escape. You just have to find out what you want to escape from, and then do something about it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stay positive. Jesus forgives.

  3. nobody says:


    1. Mohamed says:

      July 4, 2011 at 7:25 amoh and I didn’t answer any of your qnietsous. hmmm. Best thing about me? forgiven and free age:22 I want hmmm- thats a toughy. what do I want? to be useful and to have followed God into some pretty weird/awesome inspiring places/ experiences. secrets? on the internet? who does that! i know- everyone um. I’m wearing an Elmo shirt from Hot Topic but have the bottom covered by a plaid jacket thing b/c I’m not sure if Tickle me is quite appropriate. Reply

  4. Anonymous says:

    Life is not a burden. It is your own mind that is blocking you from enjoying it. Your mind right now, resembles a closed door. And you need to open it, like Alice did with Wonderland or Dorothy with Oz, and experience this beautiful world of color and creation. People forgive and people forget and you only have one life. Do not think about heaven or hell. Some people worry so much about that stuff that they never even live. What if I told you that this life, right here, was heaven? Or even Hell? It could be either because it is what you make it. No one is in charge of whether you go to heaven or hell. It is all you. .xx

  5. Aleron says:

    Yeah, he would try to weasel out of it, wlodun’t he? Ha.On the other hand, your resources are severely limited, and his are not, so it is this very question that was partly responsible for why I stopped believing in God. I literally concluded that it was more respectful to not believe in an omnipotent being who’s okay with his creatures being miserable than it is to believe in one.

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