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Thursday 20th December 2012

How does happyness happen?

I’m not happy.. Even when there’s nothing wrong i feel sad, and weird and really empty. My life has always been a little complicated but at this very moment i don’t have a huge problem like i always do. Then why do i feel like this? Why can’t i feel satisfied with life?

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Tuesday 11th December 2012


So I’m constantly torn between wanting to correct people’s use of words and not wanting to sound like a pretentious arse. I’m not even that clever. Anyone else have this problem?

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Sunday 9th December 2012

Lost in distance

there’s a guy I met two years ago, but he lives far away from me, (and when i say far, it’s far like plane-far), we always had a good connection, and last year our relationship went to friends to *something more because we had an one night together, and we still keep writing to each [..more..]

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I’m just a girl wanting to be lovely.

I’m in class right now and I couldn’t find anything better to do. I sit behind the class, alone. I’m the girl you don’t see in the hallways.. the one with a wide imagination but can’t tell anyone because they wouldn’t understand.. I’m the one with no words to say, no feelings to express.. Just [..more..]

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Thursday 8th November 2012

I don’t know, just lonely I think

I just wanted to share what I feel with whoever reads this, Im a gay young boy, Im 19 and I don’t have any problems with my sexual preferences even though here people is quite judging, anyway the problem is that I feel lonely, sometime I really do, men are so empty, I haven’t been [..more..]

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Tuesday 6th November 2012


today i felt that i could ask a guy i like so much but, i just froze and i could not say nothing. i need information for this problem so if you can please give me information. thanks .

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Monday 29th October 2012

I don’t even know what to say

I know I’m a crap friend who can’t bring herself to tell anyone anything, but when I finally do and express my frustration as to how much your possible relationship with a man who is five years short of being double your age, don’t just tell me that I should be happy for you. Don’t [..more..]

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Saturday 27th October 2012

Knowing “me”

Every person who has been with me for one year thinks they know the “real” me. The thing is friends that have known me for 11 years don’t actually know the “real” me. For so many years, I’ve been putting on a fake front which is also known as a fake personality, a fake person. [..more..]

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Friday 12th October 2012

my f***ed up family!!!!

i have a very unstable family .my parents broke up when i was 6 monthes old and i have gone back and forth to my dads house and to my moms house for 12 years.i am 12 now and i dont want to do it anymore ,every other week to my moms and my dads [..more..]

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Thursday 4th October 2012

problem with my guy

seriously i thought when people said every guy just wants sex, i didnt believe them, but now i think everybody’s right.

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