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i have a very unstable family .my parents broke up when i was 6 monthes old and i have gone back and forth to my dads house and to my moms house for 12 years.i am 12 now and i dont want to do it anymore ,every other week to my moms and my dads and its to much sometimes with school and vollyball after school…i am responsible enough for it.i just have some issues with my step mother and we have tried to work it out and it just keeps getting worse.i am not the type of kid who yells at there parents and argues with them…but one of these days i am going to blow up at my step mother for all the pain and hurtful words she has ever said to me. so i just want to get out before my family goes crazy..
only problem:i have no issues with my dad and i love him so step mother trys to get between us and we dont let her we r stronger than that but i am getting so fed up with her bull sh** i want to leave and that means ,not living with my hurts knowing i will hurt him but my family keeps saying that i should do whats best for me .and i shouldnt be going through what my step mother is putting me through and if my father isnt going to do anything about it i should live with my mom

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all that. I wish you could just tell your dad exactly how you feel and then somehow everything’s ok. Not that easy though. Would your dad or mom hook you up with a counselor so you can talk about all this with a real person? I hope you will consider it. You need emotional support right now. Counselors can be really great but you have to find one you really click with. See if your parents will help you with this. Just make the appointment, go to the appointment and trust your gut when it comes to deciding who will really help you. Even just once every week or two with a professional family counselor can be so helpful. I wish you all good things!

  2. Anonymous says:

    you are 12 calm down on the swearing

    1. Zhai says:

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  3. AllyNa says:

    Your complaining about having both your parents, whether or not its at the same time? Others have it worst, kid. At least you know your dad. I don’t. And even I don’t have it close to bad. Look around you, someones crying inside for an actual reason and your ranting about that and boyfriend problems probably. At 12 I knew these things. Think about the children who are starved every night without either of their parents or any love.

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