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Wednesday 30th August 2017

What did I do wrong??

I recently ended my friendship with my friend who's a guy. I told him it was probably for the best. Before this happened he told me he loved me as more than a friend. I was honestly surprised. Now he apparently hates me because I ended our friendship. What should I do?

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Thursday 17th August 2017

Happy Birthday, Ron

We don't talk anymore for reasons that make me not want to go back to the way we used to be. But i know you feel forgotten and unloved sometimes. But im still here proving that, that's not true. I remember your birthday clearly. I may have been your only true friend. I just wish [..more..]

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Sunday 6th August 2017

she got hurt

she waited unknowingly. she waited for him. he said he would come. she was too trusting. she watched episode after episode until she could barely keep her eyes open. she was too trusting.she got ready for bed but she still laid awake. waiting for him to knock or text or call. haunted by her own [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd April 2017

mind tricks me

I am weak feeble and most people make fun of me,my low education degree,being jobless (my family being on top). I try to be smart talk smart I do makeup to look nice but it goes in vain.I look at my mirror and my mind tricks me of being smarter than before,bring stronger than before,being [..more..]

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Honestly. Just f***. I just finished watching a series on netflix that was based around a girl who committed suicide. It was really f***ing sad. Anyways, I went into the bathroom after to wash my face when I noticed the 3 pictures of me as a child on the wall. I just stood there for [..more..]

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Neck Kissing

A few days ago I was working on a community project with my boyfriend (who I have been dating for about month, however we have had a strong bond for three years). Throughout the day, we had been sneaking in small kisses and subtle touches. At one point, though, we went to go get buckets [..more..]

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Work in the favor of the favorless

Work for the favor of the favorless So that together, you create pardon for every criminal alive

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Have you already moved on?

So you ended it yet again. Every other time you ended it, you regretted it and wanted me back. This time, it feels different. You aren’t checking up on me as much, you aren’t even trying to talk to me. I wonder if you’ve been spending time with that girl from your past, the one [..more..]

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Friday 31st March 2017



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