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Wednesday 21st April 2021

Dumbass roommates part 3

Since this is a saga I might as well continue it. I have been off work for a week or so now due to finishing up exams, and I go back to work soon. Since I am a shift worker it's really important for me to get the sleep that I need uninterrupted so if [..more..]

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Tuesday 20th April 2021

Dumbass roommates part 2

No one reads these so idk why I even bothered to do a part 2 but LOL. Today my non-dumbass roommate and I were looking to get rid of some of the oats that we bought from Costco. So we bake this bomb ass granola recipe that I found online. It has all the great [..more..]

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Tuesday 13th April 2021

Living with other people’s children

Reasons I hate living with other people's children, aka adults who are so f***ing immature and behave like entitled little f***ing brats. So I live in a student house and there are 4 other people (out of 6) who make my actual life f***ing hell. These people have 0 regard for anyone other than themselves [..more..]

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Saturday 27th March 2021



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Wednesday 3rd March 2021

My wish

I wish she would go away and stop following me. Everything I do watching following copying…. go away I say…. don’t bother……don’t follow. Be yourself not everyone else. Stop looking at me as if I’ll find who you are. It’s alright to be unique…..stand out. Stand out proud in a world that never will except [..more..]

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Friday 26th February 2021


I just feel like I have no one. I have a couple friends but they are in different schools and I only really have one close friend but I can hardly ever see her. I know that she has people who she prefers to me and if we were both asked who our closest friend [..more..]

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Thursday 11th February 2021

song recs

my friend and i have been friends for about five years, we're pretty close. she has a boyfriend right now and I've dated a few people since I've met her. she likes to send me song recs, just ones she really liked and just discovered or has been listening to for a few days and [..more..]

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Wednesday 10th February 2021

Missing a Friend

One of my best friends passed away 3 years ago and it still hits me hard to this very day… He committed suicide, he was hurting and i had no idea. WHat kind of friend did that make me? I wish i could go back and tell him how much he meant to me and [..more..]

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Monday 25th January 2021


Its strange. I have no trouble speaking in person, but I still lack the confidence to talk to people over text or socials. I don't know why I have trouble starting conversations over phone or computer, and if I want anyone to talk to then I would have to reach out myself. What would I [..more..]

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Saturday 2nd January 2021

Stay over at Izirein’s

December 22, 2019 8:00 PM This place is boring as f***. After a boring and uncomfortable day at the church event. Then going out to accompany Ohi in carrying his mum's luggage and "fixing" the toilet (it was a minor replacement of the flushing handle. No big deal, even though they make it sound so). [..more..]

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