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Posted by on 2020/04/26 under Friends

I was currently with my friends and we were all at home so some of my friends were on a call. Well after the call they started bickering about one being ignored. So one of my friends got upset ( let's just call her Sarah) and Sarah was upset so she was telling the girl that "ignored" her in-game how she felt (probably the call ended) and they really got into it, it started getting deeper and deeper. This went on for about 10 rounds of the game we were playing. This really made me upset, I was about to leave and explain why but it ended when I decided to. Even one person in the game said something about it, but it was rude. Saying they were "ranting." Of course I got offended and made sure I wrote to them something about if they didn't wanna see it to leave. I'm scared of this happening again and ruining their friendship..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could you all talk beforehand and say let’s all get along and be considerate of each other. Ten rounds, that’s a long game and not everyone is a good spot. If it starts up again just end the interaction. Best of luck!

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