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Thursday 19th October 2017


This is my most favorite website in the whole world. Here is where WE started. I'll never forget how happy you made me. I can't believe how amazing you treated me, i can't believe you managed to fall in love with me. Out of all the girls out there you chose me and that makes [..more..]

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Thursday 12th October 2017

Confident girl?

I think I'm getting to be pretty confident, I think. I'm like the comic relief friend, and I need a confident guy, because I'm bound to knock them down a few pegs with my stubbornness. Unconfident guys… well, I just knock them over.

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What does it mean?

There's a boy. I know, cliche. But I'm awkward, and he's not. He's the class clown, a senior. I'm a junior that sits on the bleachers reading. But he was talking to me, a lot. Genuinely talking to me. If I texted him I wanted to go to sleep, he'd say no and that he [..more..]

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Monday 9th October 2017


I hope that one day I can find someone that will understand me. someone that will notice that when I say that I'm fine I'm really not and that I'm constantly worrying about everything. and someone who can tell me the things I nned to hear. And someone I can be with forever. My family [..more..]

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Saturday 7th October 2017


Lalim ba? Pero sa kagaya ko mababaw lang yan … kasi nakuha ka nga iwan agad eh so means kayang kaya niyang akyatin yan malauan ka lang . _halelua

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Friday 6th October 2017

You need to change

I love you so much but i can't be the one doing all the work for both of us. We're together in this. It's not a one sided relationship, it shouldn't be this way. I love you but you need to change…

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Tuesday 3rd October 2017

What have I done wrong

Its been 3 years now. Not a day has gone by without me thinking of you. I do everything in my power to try and find you, so we can be can be together once again, but nothing works. My plans are shut down the moment they are put into motion, my heart aches as [..more..]

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Monday 2nd October 2017


I know its not easy,but i just want a hug…and be loved.I ve missed this feeling

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Saturday 30th September 2017

Got to move forward

You broke me so much and you didn't even care,how now can you say that you still love me and want to be with me.. I had miserable days without you since u left now after picking up the pieces I realize I just can't keep on hoping for you to return… I love you [..more..]

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Friday 29th September 2017

A lonely birthday

I've had a small, humble birthday and that doesn't bother me, my family were kind and threw a small party, bought thoughtful gifts and a cake and I'm very grateful, but I didn't have a single friend to share the day with and I can live with that. I received very few happy birthday wishes [..more..]

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