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Posted by on 2023/05/10 under Love

Did you ever care about me? Love me?
After all that we went through together, why did you block me? I thought I mattered more than that. You said you would wait for me. Well I’m ready now, but you seem to be gone.
Did I matter so little to you that you could so easily move onto someone else?
I wish things had ended differently.
I really can’t believe how fast you were able to move on. You were dating someone else weeks after we saw each other last. It really felt like a betrayal. I really did love you with all my heart. I didn’t expect you to get into a relationship so fast and to move on so fast. I honestly thought our relationship was worth more than that. Clearly I was wrong.
You have hurt me so deeply that I will never recover again.
Here I am years later still thinking about you, while you have spent years with another person already. Such is life.
We made a pact, I’m honouring my side of it by posting here.

One thought on “Did our relationship not matter to you?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Get a grip

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