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Wednesday 22nd January 2014

long ass post that i just had to write

im not sure what i want. I had a boyfriend in high school that i dated for 3 years and broke it off with him.i think i wanted something different or more. 6 months later while off to college we got back together. there was a lot of drama before that that should have made [..more..]

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Sunday 10th November 2013

What happened to our friendship?

What do you do when your best friend of 9 years totally drops you for her boyfriend of 5 months. The worst part about it is she doesn’t even realize it and your not exactly sure how to bring it up. She was always the one who said that she would NEVER do that to [..more..]

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Wednesday 24th July 2013

Physical Pain

Years ago, my best friend tried killing me after I caught her and her boyfriend stealing from me. I survived the attack. (On a side note, I pressed charges. My best friend rolled over on her boyfriend and he was tried, convicted and sent to prison, while she got off… Yet, not for long… As [..more..]

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Sunday 9th June 2013


WWell ive had this boyfriend well ex boyfriend now for 9 months its been on and off alot.. but now we arnt talking at all.. and i ways think about him but i dont want to take him back even though i love him with all my heart.. A few days ago when me and [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd June 2013

just so sick of everything.

im actually so sick of evryone and everything. I feel like i get taken for granted and no one takes me seriously. My “bestfriend” is so depressed that her boyfriend broke up with her that she never thinks of anyone but herself. This guy i met he is so sweet and then she comes along [..more..]

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Friday 15th February 2013

girl need to meet the world. (CLM)

If u dont want a boyfriend and a really handsome and a respectful man that treat people like he will treat hia mom. But you said the only person you want is in a certain race. And you know you was moving far away in a couple months, what would you do? He would be [..more..]

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Friday 8th February 2013

naked february 07th 2013

every body is bunned up I have to keep the faith that I have inside of me I keep trying to be strong and put my foot down for my own self to fill better but I keep having to break or say give in I don’t want temptation causing trouble for me with the [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th February 2013

happy girl.

When your boyfriend get you a cheetah print phone case>>>>> <3 <3

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Monday 4th February 2013

Someone Save Me.

I feel alone in a crowded room. Always. I feel like when the school bell rings to leave and all the other kids run off to their friends and their boyfriend or girlfriend or parents that love them. And I am just the loner. Watching from the sidelines. My dad always travels and does not [..more..]

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Monday 7th January 2013

I wish

I wish I was the “hott” girlfriend. The one that when you get introduced to your boyfriends friends they high five him. Or maybe I just wish my boyfriend was more in to me, or maybe at least showed more interest in me, or at least respected me enough to not talk about how good [..more..]

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