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Wednesday 16th March 2011

I’ve never met someone so amazing in my life. you make me smile, we have soo much in common. and i mean it when i say that I love you. I know you said that you’re not ready for your heart to be broken again. It hurts so much to think that you think that [..more..]

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Tuesday 25th January 2011

My boyfriend spends more time with his best friend then he does for me… him and his friend were playing video games and he acted like I didn’t exist and the worst part is that his friend talked 2 me more than he did! Then my bf got mad at me when we were walkng [..more..]

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Friday 10th December 2010

i just ruined everything… ill never get either of them back… will be hard to go on without my bestfriend… but even harder without my boyfriend… ex now… idk if i cant make it… all i can do is try…

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Sunday 5th December 2010

day 2.. bestfriend an ex boyfriend cant even admit that they are dateing… like its hard to tell… that and they told everyone else

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Saturday 4th December 2010

i broke up with my boyfriend and my best friend snatched him right up…

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