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Tuesday 11th December 2012

could it get worse?

okay so this weekend my friends boyfriend invited me over to hang out . welll she found out and is now all mad about it . i dont understand why she is though she knows i dont like him and he is my best guy friend and she also knows i would never do anything [..more..]

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Monday 10th December 2012


How can I be with someone for 4 years and a random guy come along and I can’t get him out of my head. I love my boyfriend… how can I have such missed emotions. Why does it have to be so complicated. I don’t want to make the wrong choice on who I’d be [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th December 2012

My Mom Hates My Boyfriend

My boyfriend John is amazing and perfect and treats me so well. The other night, I invited him to dinner. Not a good idea. My mother was so rude to him and made him leave early. She called him a “good for nothing punk” which offended me very much. John is in the top of [..more..]

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Monday 3rd December 2012

Too Fast?

My ex boyfriend and I got back together. We broke up last year mutually because we were both going to different colleges and stuff. He has seen other people in the past year, and so have I. We got back together about a month ago and he has invited me to go on a vacation [..more..]

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Thursday 22nd November 2012

Is it worth it?!

I have been in love with this girl for over a year, we have been talking everyday since the day I met her, and 2 months ago she left her boyfriend for me. I know what you’re thinking, and I know! I’m stupid but if you have ever been in love, then you will know [..more..]

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Sunday 18th November 2012

Will I ever be able to love?

So when I was 20 I fell in love with this guy. He was 18 and we were friends. We then started to talk and hang out more than what friends should. We ended up in each other’s arms holding each other while we slept and at parties and in every moment. He started to [..more..]

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Thursday 15th November 2012

Live without love?

I have been going on my days without thinking about love, just forgetting about it, I have been trying to get over my crush, and have been for about 6 months now haven’t thought about her, or love, but suddenly I saw her today standing in the hallway and I just couldn’t stop staring at [..more..]

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Wednesday 14th November 2012


i feel like the most horrible friend on the planet…i like my best friend’s boyfriend and i know it is wrong but i cant control my feelings..i have never kept a secret away from her.i feel so guilty and dark.i dont know what i should do.i dont want to begrudge any of their happiness i [..more..]

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Sunday 11th November 2012

Life is rough, and dealing with it’s rougher

I’m 16 and pregnant. I haven’t had a boyfriend since August, and he broke up with me within a week. I’ve slept with 6 people and I don’t know how it got to that point. I’m in love with a kid who doesn’t feel the same way, only likes me for sex. Now that I’m [..more..]

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Monday 5th November 2012


why am i sad i have the best boyfriend, amazing family, but yet i still feel alone like i’m missing something maybe its because i haven’t seen my boyfriend i a while i dont know… thanks for listening

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