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Monday 17th June 2024

Castrate males who Indecently Expose themselves.

Males who Indecently Expose themselves, who flaunt their erection, who masturbate in public should be publicly castrated. This would stop them from going on to commit Rape and other serious crimes. Indecent Exposure is a Gateway Crime. As such it is dangerous. It is designed to frighten and intimated girls by using the c*** as [..more..]

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Movie Watchlist

Here are some movies to watch: Poison Ivy (1992) – Sylvie, the kind but sheltered daughter of a wealthy family, meets and befriends Ivy, a lower-class girl with a troubled background, and invites her home. There, Ivy becomes fascinated with Sylvie's caring father, Darrel, who represents the love and stability Ivy has sought all of [..more..]

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Saturday 15th June 2024

I enjoy my work circumcising boys.

I’m a female and Nurse Practitioner. I enjoy my work circumcising boys. I have fun every day and make a lot of money. I’ve been out of college a few years but already I have a new home and a new car. Cutting those foreskins is like printing money. I get to utilize my designer [..more..]

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Friday 14th June 2024

I have a hidden camera monitoring my bike.

What should I do? MY girlfriend and me live in the upstairs apartment. We are lesbians. This guy and his girlfriend live in the apartment below us. I park my motorcycle on the porch right in front of my door. There is still enough room for the downstairs apartment to go in and out of [..more..]

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The Start of Slavery In America

Prior to 1655 there were no slaves in America, only indentured servants. That changed when former black indentured servant Anthony Johnson sued for the right to own another person (John Casor a black man) for life and won. A black man set the precedent for chattel slavery. He started slavery in America.

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Dumb mom

Dumb f*** of a mom yelled at me for something that happened a year ago see can kiss my black ass and when I move out I’m moving far away from her f*** dumb ass

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Two Young Girl Jehovah Witnesses

So these two young girls who are Jehovah witnesses come to my door regularly when my parents aren’t home. I was thinking of answering the door with only my shirt on and no pants, leaving my c o c k hanging out. Except I’d be erect because the one girl is hot and she in [..more..]

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I’m the Black RN.

I’m the Black RN. I do my part to help reduce the population of whites. We have a white college boy come in over the weekend. He had too much to drink and fell and hit his head. I didn’t want him to fall again so it was medically advisable to put him in restraints. [..more..]

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Mother knows best.

I abuse my birdie. Mother doesn’t like it. Mother cleaned my bird with Q-tips. She dipped them in alcohol and inserted a Q-tip up my birdie. It burned as she twirled it around. Mother pushed it up pretty far. She left it sticking out of my birdie hole. She made me bend over while she [..more..]

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Torturing the c o c k and balls of boy prisoners.

I watch videos of Israeli Defense Forces female soldiers torturing the c o c k and balls of young boy prisoners from Palestine. My girlfriend is Jewish and she gets these videos from Israel of how they are training the IDF females soldiers to be strong, and tough to do ‘interrogations’. She goes to a [..more..]

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