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Tuesday 20th November 2018

Just Rude People…

I have been moved everywhere my whole life, And all the schools i attended were filled with at least some nice people, and i have always made at least one friend. Well when i finally find a school that i want to stay at to finish High School the kids are totally messed up. Yeah, [..more..]

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Necronautistic Mr. Tuttle

God, Please help these people who are suffering from dummy-dom. Help God to feel this emptiness. This is not so cool. (Cool loneliness.) They aren't being truthful. They are frauds. Please get rid of this devil. What else can I do? (if the matter is examined methodically we will see that he is a retarded [..more..]

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Addiction to being wrong?

God, Sister Claire is still gone and I found the remote I accused her of stealing. I was terribly undecided about it, indetertiminate and uncertain. I am a bit embarassed and humiliated and ashamed that I accused her of this but at the same time it opened some valves of discussion that THE FAMILIAR has [..more..]

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Monday 19th November 2018

Just remember that someone cares ❤

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International Necronautical Society

God, Just had that situation with Eidson. Claire, Bethany. She just went to bed and ignored Me. She has the remote. Where else could it be? The IRS can investigate her and can remove this cancerous part from the system. She is running out of time and M. craves the chaos that they bring into [..more..]

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Mono No Aware

God, Nobody seduced me or forced me to ingest the opioids. It was all Me. Am I blameable? Or just more human? Powerlessly grant the serenity of Me to Me. Help Me understand that I am not so much to blame and I am not so much alone. Help Me understand that after death there's [..more..]

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Last words of Kierkegaard + Van Gogh – "Sweep me up." – "The sadness never ends."

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Pour Me Something Wrong

Sitting on this couch, the couch used to lay side by side with. Just the thought of your voice soothes me. I can still feel your ice cold hands barely brushing up against my thighs. The cold is refreshing sometimes. It helps me to remember the excitement I would have when I saw you calling [..more..]

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Zero, Zero, Zero

God, I'm having troible sleeping here. What is it? Can God help me get back to sleep?Or am I supposed to be unsleeping for some reason? I feel scared. I feel like I'm going to be raped, and eaten. I feel like they think they're being cute but I feel really violated, and when I [..more..]

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Hey you, reading this

Just had to remind everyone that every bit of you matters. No matter who you are, you have to understand that you are valid, you are important, and you are wonderful. I love y'all, okay? Just hang in there, and everything will be alright. ❤

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