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Thursday 17th January 2019


Ive been battling depression and anxiety for a while now. I had even tried to kill myself. Flash forward to now and I have a boyfriend of almoat 2 years. He knows about my struggles. He too ia going through some stuff of his own. Recently he talks to me about his thoughts and I [..more..]

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i like the idea of this app, you could really be anyone, of all ages, of all races, just anonymously preaching whatever the hell you want and you kinda seem to realize you relate to people a lot more when youre not judging them by the way they look or act. i think more people [..more..]

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to the guy I can’t have an affair with

So you already know that I would like nothing more than to be able to spend a week or more just doing some body cartography. Discovering every part of you and making myself a map to keep and unfold. but I can't. Or I can but I won't. and I know that if I said [..more..]

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Preety Sad by myself

I am a fool. I always talk foolish things in front of many people.My Image in front of my friends begin like a Fool(like Rahul in front of BJP). They always make fun of me because I had that Image even I am much smart and handsome compared to them. But they always make fun [..more..]

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Tuesday 15th January 2019


It hits me so hard tf i am going back to two lifes It is way better to never mix work and play i know that is the best then I am going leave behind all the rest Never mix work and play

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i feel so empty (2)

i did so much for him and i thought about leaving a couple times. and ive tried to before a few times but he always had a way to manipulate me back in by crying to me that im the only reason hes going on and that i was his rock and then he turned [..more..]

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i feel so empty

i dont know what to do. all i see is darkness and like nothing matters anymore. im drowning in school and my ex recently broke up with me and started dating this girl. Turns out they met while we were together and they both are hooked on pills and steal and get into s*** together [..more..]

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In my last post, I mentioned how my agriculture teacher was fart the whole class period. Turns out, she doesn't believe that teachers should hold in their farts, and that she won't be. So I'm going to have to deal with a teacher releasing loud farts for the rest of the year

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Monday 14th January 2019


I hate that I'm the one who has to face the consequences of my mom's actions. She died giving birth, and since she is dead, they have to punish me instead. Growing up people use to tell me how great my mom was, but I've learned dark things about her. So my feelings for her [..more..]

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still none

I am hungry again I ate a rubber band, and a bunch of tissue paper, and some packing peanuts. What else can I do?

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