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Sunday 5th December 2021


hey, honestly all yours thoughts of thinking you are ugly fat and worthless. You are bad at everything have no talent and feel like taking your own life. Its like i read my mind when i read your story. It really sucks to feel ur useless. Its sucks when you have to think that ur [..more..]

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Saturday 4th December 2021

Who am i

I am not really sure who I am. All I know is I'm 21 and I do everything I want. I thought I was doing things the right way other than smoking in secret there's nothing for me to hide from my parents. Yet this one day when mum felt broken and she told me [..more..]

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Thursday 2nd December 2021

Testicle Injections

I injected him in his balls. I injected medication directly into his balls. I work with a nurse as a nurse assistant. It happened when this boy arrived at the hospital. My nurse and I were sent to transfer him to our floor. Another nurse gave us report that the patient was combative and refused [..more..]

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There is a lot but lets start with one girl So, she has been my friend for 2 year now, and i really dont mind that. She's a really good friend en she is just so nice. But thats the problem. I just cant manage to be nice to everyone. I cant have a conversation [..more..]

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Tuesday 30th November 2021


I'm sure the day will come that I stop seeing you in my dreams, Jaz. But it wasn't today.

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Monday 29th November 2021

James and Jason

I really just confused James Bond with Jason Bourne, and I was confused about why tvtropes didn't have a James Bond movie listed for 2016 because the line "Jesus Christ, that's James Bond" comes from it. Even though, it was actually Jason Bourne and not James. To be fair, the most I know about Jason [..more..]

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Sunday 28th November 2021


It would be nice if I could find a boyfriend with Aspergers and ADHD like me, that way we would understand each other and the complex emotions we both feel

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"That's good, but not good enough. You're a pawn in your own game. You believe that one day you'll be a force in this world, but you're a fool to think that anyone would give you a chance to prove it." "You're wrong!" Aurora exclaimed. "I'm strong, Maleficent. I'm strong enough to do this!" "And [..more..]

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Saturday 27th November 2021

The futures unknown

Some nights the thoughts that come across the mind are so dark and troublesome that they bleed into the morning of the next day. With the future unknown for me and the pain of not feeling like i am enough being something that haunts me the night just drags along. There is a pain that [..more..]

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living (can we call it that?) with bpd

i keep using sex and weed to fill in my everlasting emptiness. i love my partner but i sometimes feel like i use them for the sex. i can't stop shopping. i maxed out my credit card. i'm always high. everything always feels like i'm dreaming and when i'm high suddenly that's not so scary [..more..]

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