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Sunday 6th January 2019

be ready to see

The most profound realization, that crosses my path, time and time again, is that you need to be ready to really listen. Glimpses of Understanding are everywhere. Most of the time we are not able to see them, just because we are not looking for them. It's there – believe me. But if you are [..more..]

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I can never have friends over because my mom is an adult baby

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Saturday 5th January 2019

Empty Apologies

I really hate the world today as it freely accepts responsibility by means of apologies but has no credible accountability. Currently there was a recall on some medications I take, so I called the walmart pharmacy to check to make sure I was not ingesting (some recalled medicine full of carcinogens/cancer causing/poison) as instructed. The [..more..]

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Has anyone noticed how stupid and corrupt the US has become since the nigger uproar and disillusion of equality? Suddenly like the family dog or pet pig, there is a nigger in every white household and they are always the ones with more intelligence and insights, more authoritative, ready to show the world the path [..more..]

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what a year

so i say what i have to say. I told my boy bestfriend that i like him, but no reaction from him. Then all of a sudden he posted pictures in social media with the girlfriend. I felt betrayed, we talked about and we planned about the trips that we were supposed to be going, [..more..]

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I feel it pulsating through my body that familiar state of being primed I am ready to exploded expressly

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My Grandma

My grandma killed my dog. Probably would have killed me too it I didn't run. I don't want to see her again, but I have to face her in court.

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just shhhh

thank god for the mute option

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I should really stop staying up so late

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sad days no life to see

My grandma left me and she was like my go to plan I went to her when s*** got really bad I don't have anyone but her, yeah I have my m om but I have only been living with her for 5 years now since my mom has taken me and my brothers away [..more..]

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