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Monday 12th February 2024

Super Bowl

i like how the super bowl kinda has something for everybody. the football for the sports folks, a halftime show for the artsy people, movie trailers for the stans, funny commercials for the millennials, and even the uniforms kinda tight for the gays. this rlly is america!

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Monday 5th February 2024

your friend.

It’s been a while since I’ve been compelled to write anything, knowing that this will somehow reach an audience other than the one I’m surrounded with. My mind has been in a flurry and I have nowhere to run, no where to go, no where to hide, no where to even turn to. Trying to [..more..]

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Sunday 4th February 2024

I hate my brother

My brother is so stupid He calls me lazy so much, but i am not lazy, his lazy

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Arman’s menu

Black tea-green tea-coffee-hot chocolate-warm milk- Milk shake-smoothy-energy drink-beer-coke-water-liquor- Vanilla icecream-strawberry icecream-popsicle in 4 flavour-jelly-chocolate icecream- Smarties-kiss chocolate-lollipop-kitkat-crispy crunch-nut-dry fruit-biscuit-jinger cookie-popcorn- Fruit cup-guacamole-salad-pasta-pizza-samoosa-yoghurt-pancake-marshmallow- charcuterie cup-

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Tuesday 30th January 2024

You know what really sucks?

When you work really hard on a fanfic on ao3, but barely get any kudos

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Friday 26th January 2024

Dance Moms

Rewatching Dance Moms and maybe this is because I see gay in everything(I'm a dumb little lesbian) and I am convinced that Abby and Melissa slept together multiple times, espeically during the first two seasons

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Thursday 25th January 2024

/r/vancouver Mods Are The Worst

The moderators of R/Vancouver on reddit delete almost everything that gets posted leaving a boring subreddit with no interesting topics to read and discuss yet they leave the stupid sunset pictures up.

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Tuesday 23rd January 2024

French Professor

so my 60-year-old french professor was walking weirdly in the walkway, and one student remarked she's walking like she pooped her pants. my french professor, without missing beat, said, "I did. I thought it was a fart."

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Monday 22nd January 2024


Black tea Chocolate ice cream Salad Strawberry ice cream Chocolate Cake Cookie Vanilla cake Milk shake Sholeh zard Beer Coffee Sparkling water Milk Coke Chocolate milk Smoothy Vanilla ice cream Biscuit

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Saturday 20th January 2024


Ice cream(strawberry coco vanila) Tea Smoth Milk shake Salad Chicken nugget Cold water Egg Guakomoly

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