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Monday 13th September 2021

I don’t know why

Today my marriage date is fixed and didn't get any feeling. I didn't get excited nor sad like other girls do. I don't know why? And like always he didn't even congratulate me Or text me. In past I thought when I get married I am going to shopping this and that but look at [..more..]

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Sunday 12th September 2021

Quitting because of a bad colleague

I tendered my new job 3 weeks into the job. Need to serve 1 month notice. At the start I felt really overwhelmed with the workload and how I was being trained. Currently I am 1month 2 weeks into the job and I felt like the workload is ok just need to work extra a [..more..]

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The phase that starts from 13 and lasts till 19 (?)

Why the faq does this teen age suck sooooooo much?!!I mean why am I meeting people who are depressed teenagers just like me?? Isn't there a single, happy, not depressed, positive, simple, normal teenager out there?! If there is, hatts off to you man/woman…. The world NEEDS you so much, you can't even imagine!!!

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My bloody teenage….

It's probably my teenage hormones or thing like that or me… I seem to really hate my family since few years now…. ughhhh!! Why do I feel like such a waste and a loser and a burden??? I feel as if I shouldn't have been born at first place.. I am just an extra and [..more..]

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Friday 10th September 2021

Star TREk visits A Strawberry shortcake Doll with unknown hair with moles like

Once apon of time Sulu and ahura and the rest of kirk's were at their houses then a unknown was in space invisible far where no life just stars were the doll and a yellow haired toy kid read my mind the rest of the way.

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Star TREk meets a kid with yellow hair and a girl.

Read MY MINd

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Today is my birthday and he is not even wishing me. Did I something wrong? Or am I not worth for him. Every one wishing me but he is not.

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Wednesday 8th September 2021

She Knows What Is Coming Next!

I watched as she picked up the ice pack and touched it to his scrotum. His sack began to contract and his balls tightened. She was intent and very serious in her look. She was on a mission. A faint smile of satisfaction crossed her face as his ball sac shrunk. She knew that would [..more..]

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Tuesday 7th September 2021


If you want to be with me, just tell me. Just give me a chance. I promise I will make it worth your while -girl

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Sunday 5th September 2021

Sohu contact forum discussion

By using an online discussion, We hoped to motivate collaboration also to provide students an organized possibility to work together to get the answers to queries that they had been having difficulty with. This activity might also provide another wanted benefit — this would help students to practice composing and explaining principles just before doing [..more..]

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