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Sunday 24th July 2022

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Saturday 23rd July 2022

Teenage love rejected in Sri Lanka

This is a note that I am writing with all of my heart. In Sri Lanka, young love is rejected. 14 year olds, 15 year olds are not allowed to love. But I don't understand why. Many say, that it's because of the culture. But it's not a justified reason. When young children are seeing [..more..]

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Friday 22nd July 2022

Walgreens deserves to be cancelled

A pair of shoppers at a Walgreens in Wisconsin said an employee refused to sell condoms to them on religious grounds — something Walgreens said is permitted under its policies.

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can’t reply on or comment on this site?


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Wednesday 20th July 2022

Life too short

Life is too short to hold grudges against family . Forgive and quit being mad over stupid stuff

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Tuesday 19th July 2022

Your evil plan

I see now what you did. Made it look like I was the one that did you wrong. Not sure how your friends believed you. You devised a plan to make it look like we had something where there wasn’t anything at all. I didn’t talk to you, see you in person there were also [..more..]

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One can dare to make a grammar error as man – not so much as a woman

Some trans men have noticed the professional benefits of maleness. James Gardner is a newscaster in Victoria, Canada, who had been reading the news as Sheila Gardner for almost three decades before he transitioned at 54. As soon as he began hosting as a man, he stopped getting as many calls from men pointing out [..more..]

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Monday 18th July 2022

Hates you

Foot in face to the future lover post. Gross!

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I can say what I want, and I’ll say it regardless of how it’s meant. You can’t say that. Ha

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Have you ever noticed no matter how hard someone try’s to hide within the writing you can see glimpses of who they might be or how they feel? It could be just a bunch of made up stories or random stuff that makes up sentences, that make up paragraphs. I get I need to pick [..more..]

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