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Saturday 29th February 2020

Around me

People my age are stupid. They think they know everything, they think they have been thru anything, when in reality, they have trouble with simple math problems.They try to act like adults but they act like stupid hormonal teenagers. But i guess that is what they will become. I will never understand kids my age.Because [..more..]

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the future

I worry about the future a lot i do not know what will happen and its stressful. like, will i go to college, will i be important, will i disappoint the people i love? I do not know but i guess no one does.

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My first heartbreak has yet to happen. It is not because, as some of you may think that I have had an incredible love life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If a doctor were to be examen my love life, he would probably declare it DOA ( dead on arrival). However, that would [..more..]

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6 years later.

The sex is basic & almost never happens. It’s also a battle of EGOs. But I must help her build up her ego & humble mines. Found an apartment for us but I make to much to be on the lease. Every shoe she wears I purchased. I buy all the food & she tell [..more..]

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Friday 28th February 2020



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Just venting

This is gonna sound a little self pitying so sorry in advance. It's just better for me to get this out so it doesn't stay in. I feel like I don't have friends. I feel like I've lost my passion. I feel ugly. I feel awkward and gross. I'm afraid that no one will love [..more..]

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homework reading-finish compare and contrast writting and color both trees . math- study pg 243 -247 test tomorrow.

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Es una pregunta constante: ¿cómo lo hacen? Esas personas que todo lo ven positivo, todo son sonrisas, nunca dicen nada malo, no critican, no se quejan. ¿Tampoco pensáis nada malo? ¿Tampoco os quejáis en vuestra mente? A veces me gustaría ser más así, aunque me guste como soy. Pero el cuerpo pesa.

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The wasted years of an alcoholic

Time stands still as i sit outside the nightclubs Twenty years passed by in a blink Everything has changed but i feel exactly the same Tears roll down my face as i sniff away the pain So many opportunities that faded away The near misses Katie, Lucy, Haley, Zoe. I`m left totally alone i wish [..more..]

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A time when

There once was a time when I was truly lonely. It wasn't when I was single or living alone in my little studio apartment or anytime throughout my teen or tween years. It was 4 years ago or so.. I was married and was about due with our second child. He stopped talking to me, [..more..]

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