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Saturday 14th January 2023


Donald Trump, Barack Obama, The Pope and a small Mexican kid were on a plane, the plane was plummeting and was going to crash into a building. There were only 3 parachutes. "I'm the greatest man here, I'll take a parachute" said Obama. "I'm the smartest man in here so I'll take a parachute" said [..more..]

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Friday 13th January 2023

Blue people.

Dear Mary Sutherland, I have now looked again at the the web page. It is: /bluepeople.html Evidently I should have checked this before emailing you, since you do not make any direct claims about RH negative blood. That is on your first page about the tribe of Dann, so I have confused two pages. My [..more..]

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Wednesday 11th January 2023

SPLAT! by winston james douglas.

Splat —————————————– These thoughts really started at school, the hottest girl a year older, the tallest boy in my year seemed to be dating, he didnt exactly date her,they just kissed and he was touching her bum and breasts all night at the local disco.I was shocked and could not get it out of my [..more..]

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Excited like a puppie happy to see you Glancing your face as you watched tv each moment like heaven scribbled love letters as you slept angel like afraid to touch such beauty with these inferior hands tender warm embrace i never wanted it to end my heartfelt scribbling ment nothing to you as we were [..more..]

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Tuesday 10th January 2023

Make it stop or make it happen

It’s been about six years since my last relationship and it was one of the worst experiences of my life to say the least. I didn’t really get with anyone because I decided to protect my mental peace and wait (not that I had any other options💀) . Anyway, fast forward to now- there’s this [..more..]

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Sunday 8th January 2023

I wish you burn. I wish you fail. I don't know why but what I felt has turned to hate.

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Friday 6th January 2023

Global Consciousness

When the Awakened Masculine meets the true, Awakened Feminine, ❤️ it arouses a new sensation in him, and activates specific levels of Consciousness that demand his full attention. The Awakened , Whole , Consciousness Feminine does not act needy or desperate around the Masculine. This does not mean that she does not acknowledge her deep [..more..]

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Monday 2nd January 2023

I don't feel good because i like him a little too much. And now when I got to know more things about him I realised i don't like him anyway. He is not my type. I realised i have mixed feelings. Well i have caught feelings and now I don't know what to do. I [..more..]

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Dear debt collection agency.

Why you are chasing me? you think i am made of money? I am a man of enfeeblement, wasting away, languishing in this sordid bedsit. I have no job, i have an inferiority complex you see. I`m nervous around people, I`m on meds for depression, which makes it difficult to make connections. I would love [..more..]

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Friday 30th December 2022

pink frog; december 29 2022

i wish i could understand and sympathize with you and each of your worries

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