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Friday 4th January 2019


My mom is letting my stepmom stay with us after we learned that my a**h*** dad abused her (we've called the cops). My mom doesn't even like her, so it's sweet that she is letting her stay.

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To Mom

Hi mom. Is Mandy spending time with you? She’s a really good cat. I always thought she was your reincarnation somehow. When I’m lying in bed and I’m on my phone, Mandy use to come up and start padding the phone. It was like she was telling me to go to bed. She was always [..more..]

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i see a person named Kat posting on all these, saying very nice things to everyone. If you read this, then thank you for that.

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I tell my girlfriend I love her

I tell my girlfriend I love her, as much as I can every day. When I tell her she smiles, and calls me crazy. I tell my girlfriend I love her, and she gives me wide eyes and asks why? I tell my girlfriend I love her, everyday for the past year. Everytime I tell [..more..]

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A Dream

I had a dream last night that I was making a Catwoman movie with a lesbian Catwoman. But my family got involved and forced me to make Catwoman straight and change her girlfriend to a boyfriend.

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Thursday 3rd January 2019

di n da

Writing first time .Life goes in upn down so was the bond..da hurt u many times and nvr sd anythng dt mk di happy.ts a really long story of emotions.di makes mstks and sm serious one bt da ll be alwz there to mk them correct n hold u wn u need.di & da hv [..more..]

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Nobody wants to date a ugly fat 32 year old woman. I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life

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She Won

I remember the night of my older sister's 18th birthday, when we left home. We were both shaking, afraid to get caught by mother. But we weren't. When we made it to our small apartment in another town, we cheered. "No more being used and manipulated by the wicked witch!" Oh. how wrong we were. [..more..]

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I overheard my aunt (I live with her) talking to her girlfriend (she assumes that I don't know she has a girlfriend and is a lesbian). She is planning on coming out to me at dinner, and she has this whole big speech planned. Its honesty really cute.

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Wednesday 2nd January 2019


I made a post about it earlier, but I have to wear diapers to bed because I'm a bedwetter. A 43 year old married woman with two sons has to wear diapers to bed. Well tonight I fell asleep without them one. Woke up to soaked pants and a soaked bed. Whoops

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