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Thursday 9th January 2020


there are times when thoughts keeps u awake but u couldn't figure out which one and why ….thats the moment i feels like hunted and lonely………..but there z no answers bcz even i dont know the questions? funny … these emotions can make u and break u and an unsolved puzzel

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Wednesday 8th January 2020

Please help me god

Please someone help me god anyone please help me

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why do dogs have to die? for that matter, why does anything have to die? i want to believe in goodness and light but the universe seems so dark.

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bad pop stars

Katy Perry has attacked the Christian faith, promoted witchcraft in her performances and her own father claimed she was a “child of the devil.” Singer and actress Miley Cyrus has also blasphemed the Christian faith, promoted all manner of sinful rebellion and her father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus claimed she was under “attack by [..more..]

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stop listening to this s*** music beyonce lady gaga katy perry billy elish taylor swift

Satan made it clear during Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness that he has temporary authority over much of the power in the Earth. He offered Jesus all the fame, glory and power in the world, if Jesus would worship him. And The Lord rejected the Devil’s offer. Sadly, many, many pop stars have accepted this [..more..]

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Tuesday 7th January 2020


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Monday 6th January 2020

Help us find this man

Hello Universe Help us find this man – He has to pick up his prizes now, and you have to pick up your finder's fee.

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Sunday 5th January 2020

Family :/

Hi, I’m a highschool senior. Everything’s coming to and end this year, obviously. My cheer career ended as well as my 4 long painful years of soccer. These milestones that pass are huge ones and I’m glad to be moving forward with my life. It hurts, the moving on the not going to practice, the [..more..]

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