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Wednesday 18th September 2019

Only you know the truth

So my boyfriend and I have been together for about 9 months now. At first like many relationships it started out quite wonderful, but over time things began to change for the worse. He went saying that neither of us would have friends of the opposite sex, of course, eventually it came to my attention [..more..]

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Sunday 15th September 2019

day after day

What happened to us. We used to be so happy but now idk. Where did all of the good times go. the ones where you would tell me how much I mean to you or when you would tell me how beautiful I am. all you say is ily. it doesn't f***ing feel like it [..more..]

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Friday 13th September 2019

I want to get married

I want to get married! I want to get married! I want to get married! God, I sound like some psycho! All I ever wanted when even at a young age was to get married young and have kids. Who knew that being a working adult at 23 would be my life. Being at this [..more..]

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Tuesday 10th September 2019


who knew I would feel like this after only two months of talking. Its crazy bc I really thought he was different but turns out he's just like the rest. I really liked his company and vibe. he was a funny and fun person to be around. I feel like I have this empty space [..more..]

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Friday 6th September 2019


Can my parents force me to break up with someone? They say they want me to date other people before settling, but I'm only just starting college and I've got a good 6 years before I even think about marriage with anyone. He's only my first boyfriend, and I really like him. We have a [..more..]

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Monday 2nd September 2019

For the one who used to call me “Tsuma”

For the one who used to call me "Tsuma" "Tsuma!" "Please, Tsuma~" "Ais***eru, Tsuma-kun 💕" It has been a long time since I was last called "Tsuma". Everytime I read the word, I can still hear the most handsome voice speaking. My eyes must have gotten less reliable. I often see him in random people [..more..]

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Monday 26th August 2019

Irene Garca Ramirez

There is a Female that lives in Odessa, Texas. Her name is Irene Garca Ramirez, she is a USER, Liar and treats people like s*** and NOBODIES. She Used me and lied to my face with fake tears In her eyes. She told me she was not ready for a relationship. When she got done [..more..]

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Sunday 18th August 2019

Dear S,

Its been over a year since you left, 2 months since we hooked up, and 6 months since we had an honest conversation. You were my best friend, had my heart. Now when you hit me up its to ask whats up but cunningly work the question of sex into the conversation. I was at [..more..]

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Wednesday 14th August 2019

dear v

its been forever and i dont know how to get over you its so hard being alone at night with no one to talk to and then i start thinking about you. You made me so happy and i dont know what to do without you. You said you'll miss me but will you really? [..more..]

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Saturday 10th August 2019


Rosy cheeks like she just swallowed the sun, burning inside her with heated fury. Tendrils of flame leap from her throat, as smoke sneaks past her nose. I can see her eyes are a glint of yellow, her skin turning hue to orange. She has a warm heart just like the sun, giving warmth to [..more..]

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