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Thursday 20th September 2018

Why does the earth crush my heart

I thought having a crush was supposed to be a nice experience, well it's not, especially when you've like this person for over a year, and they haven't seen the OBVIOUS signs that are given. I feel deep feelings for this person and I have no other way to show them to them unless I [..more..]

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Monday 17th September 2018


Wishes to be granted by 4 face Buddha: 1) In my fb name Sheng dan jie, my fb bf who is chen does not want to login his FB to resume and continue real boyfriend girlfriend relationship with me. 2) In my fb name Sheng dan jie, my fb bf who is chen does not [..more..]

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Friday 14th September 2018

I feel more distant from you than ever before.

We've been in this relationship for such a long time, and I'm truly happy and grateful we have; but I have to admit, seeing what life has in store for both of us, I can't help but feel we're growing distant. We are increasingly becoming independent from one another that we are speaking less and [..more..]

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Tuesday 11th September 2018


I don't really understand how I came to loving this person. The second I first laid eyes on them was the exact moment I fell in love with someone. I had 3 past boyfriends/girlfriend. They were small crushes. What I feel towards this is person is different. I don't understand how love works. I'm too [..more..]

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Monday 10th September 2018


There is this guy I loved him and I though he loved me but I guess I was wrong we dated and we adopted a kid I was so happy and I thought he was happy but I guess i was wrong again… Today is the worst day of my life he broke up with [..more..]

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Tuesday 4th September 2018

Just Sayin’

Every morning you wake up, you are one day closer to meeting the love of your life.

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‘indecisive’ is my excuse

Where do I even began… It all started 17 years ago when it was the day I enter the world. That day another human being who is a complete romantic dork was received into the world. Growing up I can always remember the amazing moments when I would smile so hard that my cheeks would [..more..]

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Saturday 1st September 2018


Some days are just bad days, that's all. Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water

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Thursday 30th August 2018

caught in feels

Its been 7 months… 7. i have been building and rebuilding myself for 7 months. I kept crumbling and having to start over completely. no matter how hard I try I still think ab you everyday. some day are harder than other but I have finally reached the point where when I think of you, [..more..]

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Saturday 25th August 2018

How to Forget About Someone you once loved

The theory is you don't see them, you don't think about them.And when you don't think about them, you don't want them. – The Seven Year Itch, 1955

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