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Wednesday 22nd August 2018


Woaahh y'all look at that cool font. Anyway, I met a really cute girl today at camp. We hung out for a while and talked about, just, life and stuff I guess? I'm a lesbian and stuff, so it kinda sucks when you have a tiny crush on a girl, but she's already dating a [..more..]

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Monday 20th August 2018

Ξανα και ξανα….

Ένα χειμωνιάτικο πρωί έφυγα απ’ το σπίτι σαν τρελή ο αέρας μου τρυπούσε το κορμί και μου ζητούσε μια απόφαση ηρωική. Πήρα εφημερίδα και στυλό βρήκα διαμέρισμα φτηνό τρία νοίκια να το κλείσω έπιπλα για να το ντύσω και δε θέλω να σε ξαναδώ Ήρθε η νύχτα η σκληρή κι εγώ νιώθω σαν απόκληρη εδώ [..more..]

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Saturday 18th August 2018


I've been single for so many years because I can't seem to bring myself to go thru another heartache. Being 40 and alone is starting to depress me though. I don't have many good or single friends and my kids are getting older and wanting to hang out with their friends more. I don't want [..more..]

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Thursday 16th August 2018

Like and Like!

At my school there's this guy. Super cute, seems nice. But, I wouldn't really know because I never really talked to him. The next guy, a little less attractive, still cute nonetheless. But REALLY nice, and actually talks to me. Who do I go with?

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4 year difference

I met this guy at a summer camp. He was super nice, really cute, and I found myself constantly thinking about him. The only problem: he is four years older than me. I know that when I'm older, four years doesn't seem that bad. But now it seems really weird. Ugh! I really like him. [..more..]

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Wednesday 15th August 2018

Why do I always fall into you’re traps!?

All this time, I thought I was over this, and now, it's all changed, everything is different now, and nothing will ever be the same, everything from now on will be awkward, and painful to watch because of the level of awkwardness, but how can I ignore what I feel, it's not like I can [..more..]

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Wednesday 1st August 2018


I haven't written here in ages, because what I was writing about, I thought I delt with, but the feeling came back when I realised I am more than just a person in your life, I play an important role in your life, you, you find little ways to make me feel those feelings I [..more..]

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Tuesday 31st July 2018

Love of my life

Do you know when you meet someone? And you and them get along so well, perfect for each other…? But you both you won’t be able to keep up the long distance up forever? But he’s too old to wait for me with marriage and kids and so on… And I’m too young to just [..more..]

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Monday 30th July 2018


Έφυγε πάλι…

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