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Monday 11th December 2017

Simply Everything right now

Sometimes I just wish there would be somebody to tell me that everyting is going to be okay! Don't get me wrong – nothing big has happend. No tragic or hardship. Nothing extreme. It's just, that there are so many little things, that add up. Hm, I just feel kind of tired at the moment. [..more..]

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Sunday 10th December 2017

i wish ,

i could be brave like Napoleon, Kip, Pedro, and Deb… HXM

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thank you , for making me ugly….

its always me ive always been the problem all the problems , the only problem i guess its easier to blame someone else for yourself rather than accept your faults unfortunatley for me , thats not who I am im sick of being lonely im sick of having my life and thoughts and no one [..more..]

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Saturday 9th December 2017

Dude… Needy as F**k

To be honest, I'm kinda bored right now haha. My boyfriend is kinda boring right now too. Sounds dumb but it's true! I am currently listening to BTS while typing. Admitting that you are super needy is never a good feeling! I want to talk a lot, cuddle a lot, make out a lot, laugh [..more..]

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Sometimes, my life gets a mess. I am constantly feeling like I am stupid because people are constantly telling me I am. I feel unimportant and irrelevant. Sometimes I just want to quit. My mom says I am immature, i say stupid things, and she says I am rude. Yet every time I go up [..more..]

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Thursday 7th December 2017

Saya Pilih Parti Semboyan

Dah tiup masih tak layan. Masuk utiup baru meroyan. Undi saya adalah rahsia abah kau. eh, betul lerrrr, bukan main-main, serius.

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Yall fake as f*** low down insincere s***ty f***ing people who are rude and inconsiderate and I've just about done and had it with the main lot of you. The sad part really is that all I want is some genuine honestly and care that I can reciprocate but NOOOOO yall have to f***ing suck [..more..]

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Wednesday 6th December 2017

im lost

I don't know what I'm doing with my life I only have one friend and I'm constantly lying to her. I hate lying to her but I don't know why I don't stop and not only that but I'm dating someone and that I am completely in love with but I don't feel sexually attracted [..more..]

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Tuesday 5th December 2017


I'm so f***ing pathetic for wanting to be with anyone, I really just am NOT s***. I'm dumb, fat, ugly, and just extremely annoying. There's no doubt that the people who spend time with me only hang out of pity. I'm just useless. I'm not good at anything and everything which just really takes an [..more..]

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Monday 4th December 2017


zack really isnt that bad. all my friends say hes so bad and hes mean. but in reality, hes kinda insecure and thats why he acts the way he does. he tries to act like all that because he knows hes not. and everybody else knows it too. hes actually a nice, normal person once [..more..]

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