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Thursday 18th July 2019


Just then, Tommy takes the cup from Didi, takes the sippy top off, and puts the cup on his head upside down, wearing it like a hat, causing the milk to pour out, dripping everywhere. Tommy starts laughing, causing a fountain of milk to come shooting out of his nose, which in turn, causes Didi [..more..]

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Wednesday 17th July 2019


Dolores Umbridge is so attractive in the Harry Potter movies. She is also thicc

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Tuesday 16th July 2019


My heart hurts, my body shake and I’m just so angry. I feel trapped but I’m in love. He takes the car away, he goes through my phone, my email six texts even if it’s fanily. What do I do? I get mad he gets mad, he say something he gets mad, I cry he [..more..]

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Sunday 14th July 2019

Why hurricanes?

Why hurricanes? I think we have hurricanes because of the gulf of Mexico. I think that the people that work on the levees might pump out water in New Orleans right by on the lower 9th ward. Why do they pump out the water their because they know if they do it by the their [..more..]

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“We have become disconnected from our true selves, and naturally, this has produced a deep sense of lack in our lives, causing us to endlessly search for happiness in objects, experiences, and people to fill the emptiness and make us feel whole again. We crave pleasure, material riches, and stimulating experiences—anything that will distract us [..more..]

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Saturday 13th July 2019


I don't get where people get the gall to tease someone's skin condition. You'll rot in hell for making others feel like they are after u say those stuff. F*ck off, seriously. Watch what you say. I BEG.

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Tears stream! Never good enough. Never. No matter the situation, no matter the other person – they move on, they choose another – never good enough. So, I just sink into my own little shell, my own little world and silently cry. I seem to be doing a lot of that recently. I think I [..more..]

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Thursday 11th July 2019

A Flat Mountain, Inconceivable

I reach my hand out for someone to grab it, Yet that someone is anyone, Coming ever so close to my essence, But collapsing inwards into a non-stop road of walls, Never being able to read me, So they walk away, Or I push them out, Either way it is all the same. Locked away [..more..]

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কিছুই ভালো লাগে না

ধূর বাল, কিছুই ভালো লাগে না।

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Wednesday 10th July 2019

hollywood racists boycott these bastards

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