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Sunday 24th November 2019


Voilà, Alex: death handed to you. The air is green and purple and dotted with white. Smoke hangs off the ceiling. The fan spins, stirring the vapour so that it twists, rolls and bulges in a horrifying choreography. I’m not breathing, just choking. The stabbing sting of this poison has me gagging, then splutter- ing, [..more..]

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Saturday 23rd November 2019

For what it’s worth……

If societies cancers, or the cancer that lives inside me itself, overtakes me before we talk or meet again, I ask and humbly and beg of you; “Please forgive me of any and all my faults, wrongs and sins; for they were not intentional nor direct! Alas, I know I have tried to serve and [..more..]

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Friday 22nd November 2019


I am watching t20 cricket from Abu Dhabi, between each f***ing bowl there are tv adverts. Rathr sick of them they keep on and on and f***ing on. All these advertisments make me sick. I am talking to a girl from texas too and she is cool we dig eachothers company online, Doubt i will [..more..]

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can everyone recommend their favorite movie?

it would be really appreciated. thank you!!

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are there any other INFJs out there??

you know what it's like. you know the whole 'seeing through things' deal. you know what it's like to NEED to be alone. to be able to comfort, console, and counsel everyone else while you can't find anyone to do the same to you. to not be able to trust. to … you know. please [..more..]

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Thursday 21st November 2019

Jolly ranchers

I'm in love with jolly ranchers

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I can't decide if I want to be single or not. I want a relationship but a part of me wants to remain single

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Letter to past me

If i could write a letter to myself at 16 They say everything happens for a reason. Sometimes those reasons are unknown but in the end everything comes together like the final stitch in a quilt. Many find it near impossible to keep going once life has thrown everything it has at them. People say [..more..]

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Grendal’s Group Home For Gifted Girls

case notes of Monica Morsle October 31, 2019 at 11:38am #968698 case #1: Patsy Palmer aka Glitter Girl Case #0001: Patsy Palmer aka Glitter Girl. name: Patsy Palmer age:16 time in residence:11 years

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In my dark alley is the sound of the locust singing, as the lightening bug lightens the nights vail with the common thread of the innocent wonder. A light in the sound that touches down upon all that awe with the smell of the Tiger Lily, the Tulip, and the Lilac Bush. When the scuff [..more..]

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