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Wednesday 24th May 2023

letting words out

stories make me want to cry. happy or sad they make me feel pain for all the happiness i've never experieneced and all the sadness that i have experienced instead. somewhere to write and let it out since no real person really gives a shyt because every living htis is selfish at the core.

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Tuesday 9th May 2023


This world is ironic, fantasies and real beliefs? theories. Things that hypnotize your interest, that send you, a rush of adrenaline, quick thinking, the enemy is ourselves, we are all dumb, when jumbled to just one word, humanity, Lifes what u make it right? No its the mold that holds you, you change YOUR life [..more..]

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Saturday 6th May 2023

This is the Best Explanation of Lemurians I’ve Ever Read

Anybody who knows me well has probably seen my unhealthy fascination with legends. In fact, the deep dive on Lemurians that I wrote on this website is mentioned to me in conversations almost weekly. I’ve done a ton of research on Lemurians over the years, but I’ve finally found an explanation that actually makes some [..more..]

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Light language

What is "light language"? My personal view on intuitive singing, music & more AllurianRose I'm so happy I've found this! I've always called it Allurian. I've had full conversations with children and animals with it. As well as a friend in school daily we would converse back and forth without even trying. I never knew [..more..]

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Tuesday 2nd May 2023

F*** me


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Sunday 30th April 2023

This crazy low life f***

This spam producing, no life, low life talks way too much s***. All made up and far too long for anyone to want to read. You have too much time on your hands get a second job. No one here has a sister. Not a single person cares about your fake news!

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Sunday 16th April 2023

Every woman should be warned about this guy

Every woman should be warned about this man and his so called roommate that is trying to get pregnant with his child. He dates and continues to lie to these women that he meets. He tells them he’s not in a relationship while he lives with a person that he has no plans on leaving. [..more..]

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Thursday 13th April 2023

That moment when

You want a hug but you want meaning behind it.

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Hey bandito

Get over the self doubt. Let go of material things. Do yourself some good.

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Friday 17th March 2023


Say what you want about ChatGPT, but I love it's ability to write stories and crossovers. Never did I expect to read a story on ChatGPT where Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls becomes the Baroness from GI Joe

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