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Tuesday 9th July 2019

Why do tv hosts think they are rockstars ?

you aint s*** you are just a voice you could be anyone you got no talent u f***ing d*** your face like a moldy red raw c*** with thrush you are just a tv presenter who presents shows you aint no rock star you aint no f***ing film star you are just a tv host [..more..]

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First Things First Stormzy

[Intro] Like [Verse 1] All right, first things first, I've been putting in the work I'm a rebel with a cause (With a cause) Had problems with the fam, I had problems with the gang But I put that s*** on pause (Put that s*** on pause) I've been gone for a while but I [..more..]

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Monday 8th July 2019


Jacks father was an amateur boxer. Little Jack was punching bag at five. His father wanted him just to protect himself not be a boxer. When Jack was ten he was knocking out fifteen year olds at school. He became big Jack at eighteen, banging out fully grown men then stomping on their heads in [..more..]

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Sunday 7th July 2019

I’m so done with life

I hate my life. I live in an unprivileged home where I feel so trapped. I feel like im one of the most unintelligent person on this planet and all I ever want to do is die. im so sick of this life. I just learned I will not be in my school program this [..more..]

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Eternal misery of life

In this darkest phase of my life without any hope and courage for redemption i live like flesh taken over by mindflayer which is my mind in this bizzare tale. My mind is the villain in this darkest hour and i am the victim. Without any ray of hope i am drowning into the deepest [..more..]

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Being an empath is hard sometimes

So today I was feeling down and I didn't understand why until I realized it wasn't me – it was my dad. After that realization I was fine but it makes me wonder now – how many feelings have I felt that aren't mine, but I totally thought they were?

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Saturday 6th July 2019

i am 30% pyromaniac

I`m lighting my Backside into the boot of a motor on the M1 because i am da man. I`m lighting sage burning sticks into an orange bowl that smokes into my eyes I got a taste for a cream cake my obese stomach needs filling up oh i forgot a comma and full stop on [..more..]

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Thursday 4th July 2019

life sucks

I've been very sad lately because I just moved and I don't have a job and it's really upsetting me and I just can't do anything about it but sit and wait and call and go into places to check on my applications and I just don't know what to do.

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life is hard (Massimo)

you know ive had depression for a couple years of my life so far I have felt like a sag s*** like I had no purpose or value in the universe all of my friends would hide things from me secrets drama I was not the most popular kid in school but the popular kids [..more..]

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