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Saturday 20th April 2019

انتصاب قابل تامل در شهرداری تهران توسط عضو شورای شهر تهران

رییس شورای شهر تهران در جلسه نودویکمین جلسه شورای شهر تهران در مورخ 10 مهر 1397 اعلام کرد اعضای شورای شهر تهران طی یک مصوبه مدیران شهرداری و اعضای شورای شهر از انتصاب بستگان خود در شهرداری منع شدند. حال آقای محسن هاشمی پاسخ دهد که چرا این مصوبه در مورد نزدیکان شورای شهر تهران [..more..]

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Let’s start a thing !

What do you want this to be about 🙂

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As the days past I feel better

I said let’s not text and you said Some canned response.. but as a weeks passed and more I think I think I’m going to be okay. I thought you were the kind of person I could share things with. But you are not that person. I cannot just call you as you never pick [..more..]

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Friday 19th April 2019

lonely old woman

I AM 75 YEARS OLD, HAVE NO FAMILY AND A COUPLE OF "FRIENDS. I am so lonely. I want someone to be my friend, to hang out with, to share a meal, at home or restaurant, just someone to share conversation with. I don.t want to marry. I love NBA basketball, some football. what is [..more..]

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objectified, cute, and hating it

people assume that just because I'm a socially warm and approachable person, i'm easily taken advantage of. this has been the case in the past, but no longer. i have my own motives and won't fall for the s*** deal you bedazzled and tried to hand to me

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art is hard

My music and art feels so stale lately. That's such a f***ing scary feeling. how to i breathe new life into it while keeping my fanbase interested? i guess i'll find outtttt

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Thursday 18th April 2019

how to be an activist without being an a******

So you've got this cause that is important in your life, you're trying to rid the world of injustice and cruelty? Good for you, you're an activist of some sort. Have you noticed since you've taken up your cause that people tend to avoid you, that they all but run the other way, or evacuate [..more..]

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Hey,my Name is mirela and im currently 14 years young.Im someone who is dealing with Depression and social anxiety…i've been feeling really lost and vrey alone all this time because i couldn't make friends.The sad part about it is that i didn't even start my life just yet and ist miserable.But i will Keep Fighting! [..more..]

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Wednesday 17th April 2019

climbing the wall of awful

I'm emerging from the most difficult part of my life, but honestly I can't tell where that part began. When I try to pinpoint when exactly things began to get really heavy, I end up rewinding all the way back to my childhood. i'm 24 now. I have some cptsd from living in the space [..more..]

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Tuesday 16th April 2019

Will you pray for me ?

Can you please pray for me ? Give me strength to be a better person please. Give me strength to start new and find peace

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