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Monday 3rd February 2020


It's been to years that my mom passed away, just like today. 730 DAYS.

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I want to be so f***ing hurtful

But I am not going to be Knowing hurt as if she is my siamese twin I lived with her all thirty something years of life I know that she is only fueled by more hate Showing her compassion she can slowly change Maybe I'll set an example of what happens when you truly focus [..more..]

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Over me

I hurt, and it's from people, situations, moments, choices, actions and many other things throughout and in my life. I told myself and on here that I would help myself, but I'm so f***ed I have no clue where to start. I'm unhappy with my life, and that makes me hurt more. I have started [..more..]

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You sicken me

Fight, flight, or freeze. I froze, you tried to approach me. Why? You sexually abused me. Why the hell would I act like I know you? How the f*** did you recognize me? I can't believe that you had the audacity to wave and acknowledge me. I froze because in those few moments that felt [..more..]

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I know the guilt just leads me right back to you. The guilt like a metaphorical rope around my neck that I place and tie the knot. You are the one that pushes the chair out from under me. Always judging and never excepting, I can't stand the person that you need to be. I [..more..]

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Sweet like honey

What are you looking for? e.g. relationships Featured Topics Select a topic to start reading. Advice Anxiety Breakup Depression Loneliness Love Need Advice Poetry Relationships Stress Suicide Thoughts Talk to a counselor online, anytime. Start feeling better today.Talk to a Counselor Guest User Write Anonymously Offer Support Get Inspired Professional Support Online Counseling Helplines General [..more..]

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women are cows

you is cows you western white women are horrible you only want a bad guy because you think they are better in bed well you shallow women are wrong stop using nice guys like me i am simple sick of it and your constant lying bout wanting a nice guy you dont you want crap [..more..]

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Sunday 2nd February 2020


Oh, his eyes Warm, inviting, kind Now, I'm with someone new but he has eyes similar to you When I look into those eyes I can only think of the man that I truly adore This isn't healthy or helping

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No sleeping beauty, you have it all wrong

She wants to save herself She knew that she could, but it would take time. Time and maybe professional help. All of the past years of hurt, guilt, and anger spewed out on to others. Not intended, but when you are broken, it's easy to do. She'll go slow and start to look inwards. She'll [..more..]

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You there or here, whatever you want? How are you? Want to talk? Want to tell me a sweet poem about your balls? I'm only open 👂 s

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